Snow clothes winter with beauty, draping it with ermine.  Snowflakes fall casually, partner briefly with the wind in wild, swirling dance before falling back into more staid paths.   Gently relentless, cloaking everything they touch, they cling to bushes, adhere limpet-like to the windward side of trees.  Evergreens bravely bear their ever-increasing burdens, mimicking frosted Christmas trees bought on clearance and saved for next year, not pre-lit but decorated in stunning silver. Acorn caps of fluffy white adorn lanterns; all edges are slowly rounded, gradually softened, finally obliterated.  Still the endless ranks descend soundlessly to earth, bedecking all within their path. 


  1. Nice, Janet. I’d be more inclined to call it free verse poetry than a story.

    • Thanks, Rochelle. I just hope I didn’t use up my 100-word limit for the week since it won’t be long until Wednesday. 🙂 You’re right–it isn’t really a story in the most-used sense of the word.


  2. Mmm. very nice. The pics and words…

    I couldn’t help myself except to want to sculpt a snowball in my hands from the “acorn caps of fluffy white adorn(ing) lanterns”

    • It’s not snowball snow, Randy, too fluffy. But you’re welcome to come up and have fun anyway. 2-4″ in today’s forecast with another tomorrow.


      • Enjoy…. some of us will just have to suffer through te 65 degrees of winter down here without the white laced beauty offset by clear and bountiful blue frozen skies.

      • To be honest, I’m enjoying it greatly. It’s not inconveniencing me and its drop-dead gorgeous, if you can use that phrase for nature instead of a woman. I’m also happy you’re enjoying your 65-degree weather.

  3. “Acorn caps” on lanterns – what a great description!

    • Good morning, Sharon. Thanks for stopping by on a snowy day. Would you like a cup of tea to share? Glad you liked the piece as I really enjoyed writing it. It may not be a “story” in one sense but it’s the story of what’s going on here.

  4. I agree, nice, but it is more free verse.

  5. Your words make me want to embrace the snow again… I haven’t been able to appreciate it ever since I started driving, but there is still such beauty in it, it’s true…

    • If you drive carefully, you can get almost anywhere and of course, the more you drive on it, the less intimidating it is. I’m glad you enjoyed the snow at least vicariously here. 🙂

  6. Very pretty. I would see it even if there were no photo’s attached.

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