The kaleidoscope option on the iPad can be fun as in these two pictures I took the other day in our

I think this one looks like a funky little face (little eyes and mouth, big nose) above a turtle body, but you might find something altogether different.


  1. I see a piggy face in the second one.
    Hearts and flowers in the second.

    Love kaleidoscopes, we have a small collection of funky looking ones.

  2. Cool trick! I agree with Writers Village – the second one is a turtle with a piggy face. As for the first one, it’s definitely getting ready for Valentine’s Day – it just hasn’t closed up the top of the hearts yet. 🙂

    (What are they really? I think I see a twig in the first one, making the bottom of the hearts.)

  3. I, actually, thought the second one looked like a pig surrounded by the shine of enlightenment.

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