“How could I have known how much it meant for her to see a patch of blue sky, to observe the flying seagulls, or how important that chestnut tree was to her, when she had never shown an interest in nature before.  But once she felt like a caged bird, how she longed for it.  Even just the thought of the open air gave her comfort, but she kept all these feelings to herself.”
–Otto Frank

I spotted these two on a walk around the lake yesterday.  The Otto Frank quote seemed to fit the mood of the picture.  I didn’t know that E. Nesbit did poetry but if you haven’t read her books for children, you’re missing a lot of fun!  The series about the Bastables is particularly wonderful.

This isn’t really a Valentine’s Day post, but there are two seagulls, so there you go.  I hope you have a wonderful day and be sure tell all those you love that you love them (or even tell those you like that you like them)!


As It is
E. Nesbit

If you and I
Had wings to fly –
Great wings like seagulls’ wings –
How would we soar
Above the roar
Of loud unneeded things!

We two would rise
Through changing skies
To blue unclouded space,
And undismayed
And unafraid
Meet the sun face to face.

But wings we know not;
The feathers grow not
To carry us so high;
And low in the gloom
Of a little room
We weep and say good-bye.

  1. nice poem….
    I’m sorry but all i can think of with the picture is the bird poop coming down on my parked car.

    I know. Too much Florida sun.

    Good morning. Randy

    • I know what you mean. We feel the same way about pigeons and geese, the latter being the ultimate poop machines and be-fowling sidewalks everywhere they go.

      Good morning to you, too, Randy. Happy Valentine’s Day, my friend.


  2. This is very nice. It oozes of closeness and trust.

  3. The poem was very nice.
    I enjoy that type of verse off / on: simple and meaningful.

  4. Emmeline says:

    I missed E Nesbit poetry, how is that possible?! blue skies would be a heart-lifting, welcome sight now. How I long for them. Yes, had I wings, I would fly up, up until I found them, or until my wings melted, I suppose….

    • E. Nesbit’s children’s books are wonderful, too, even if you don’t have children. “The Railway Children” is a classic and was made into a movie some years ago as was “Five Children and It.” But I love the Treasure Seekers books about the Bastable family. See if you can find them at your local library. Worth the hunt.