Winter sunshine–a photo for Saturday

Posted: February 16, 2013 in Nature, Photos
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  1. There’s something special about winter sunshine. This is a lovely photograph.

    • Yeah, it’s not as warm as that of summer. 🙂 Glad you liked the photo and I hope your weekend’s off to a good start. Just want to let you know, too, that the last foster dog we had, Annabelle, goes to her forever home today. We’re thrilled!!

      • What fantastic news! Thanks for letting me know. I’m sure it’ll be hard to see her go but so great to know she’ll be in a good home.

      • She’s been at another foster home for months now, since I’m back and forth so much and our rental house doesn’t allow pets, but we’ve seen her periodically. There are so many other pits that Shana wants to rescue, so this will also free up another space for one of these dogs.

  2. vb holmes says:

    Fabulous photo, Janet.

  3. nice shot… it’s that dreary and typical grey day yet hazy interesting gauzy sun.

    Hi Janet – Randy

    We’re supposed to get down into the 40’s tonight

  4. Silvery and wintry – nice.

    • Thanks, Sharon. Are you getting snow there? From what Rich said on FB, you are. Are you on FB, BTW? If so, we should connect.

      • Where I am, it’s been closer to flurries than snow – a few times there has been enough to partly cover the grass, but it melts within a few hours. Yes, I’m on FB, though I don’t do much with it – but sure, why not connect?

  5. Winter sun is your old high school friend that rarely visits or calls. When they do it’s cause for celebration.

  6. Beautiful, but looks cold and bleak!

    • It was cold! The sun, in its warmer persona, had been out a bit earlier, but by the time I was walking around the lake, it was windy and chilly. It was a good walk, anyway, and I got some good shots, so it was worth it.

      Hope you’re having a great weekend.