Truth be told, my thoughts turn to books  every day.  But reading is even more enjoyable if you have an amazing place in which to read!   (If you choose, you could write in any of these spots as well.)

Belcastro Agency regularly posts pictures of unusual and exotic places to read and Monday is the prefect day to pick the reading spot that’s just right for you for the rest of the week.  Or try a different one each day.  Which is your favorite?

Becastro 6_536889_498104646913829_1980140929_n

OK, not a reading spot but it is a supply store for reading spots!!

Belcastro 2_75551_501703629887264_658525397_n

Belcastro 3_538285_499403570117270_1258795925_n

Belcastro 4_484761_485959274795033_763319407_n

Belcastro 5_543919_478830925507868_1568805925_n

You can “like” Belcastro Agency on Facebook and pictures likes these, plus all sorts of book-related saying and paraphernalia, will show up in your feed every day.  Go ahead.  Indulge your inner bibliophile.

  1. this places are wonderful for reading… wish we had summer and we could read a book under our walnut tree ;o)

  2. All of those places looks like a fun place to read 😀 But I think that the last one is my favorite.

  3. Of those above, the porch swing. IRL I would chose a restaurant (Cracker Barrel is one of my favorites) that is busy, so it all become background noise for my book (or, usually, kindle).

  4. Cathy Brockman says:

    awesome places!! I actually have some nice ones too. but its still a bit cool to go outside into them!!

  5. Mmmmm. Yummy pictures. Tim’s Used Books, with Tim’s used sign and the roses and the hidden path to the door, was the first one that hooked me – but then I came to the barn-o-books. That could be what the inside of Tim’s looks like, of course. In fact, for my fantasy world purposes, I think I’m going to decree that after you walk through the archway and down the brick path and up the steps with the scent of roses following you all the way, you push open the door and find yourself on the threshold of that room in the last picture. Browsers with babies to juggle are welcome to put them down for a nap in the cradle, and around the corner at the back, down the sunlit hall, there’s a series of other bookwalled rooms.

  6. Emmeline says:

    oooh what wonderful places, I would be hard pushed to pick one! Probably the sunny, swinging seat. I have my places too, in my massive ancient chair in my study room (which my husband grumpily but ineffectually deems ‘unnecessary and shabby’) and a little shady spot by the river that runs though our garden. when it isnt raining…

    • Those all sound wonderful. Different spots for different times. Truth be told, if I have a good book, the background is secondary, although a beautiful one is a big plus.

      Nice to meet you. Stop by anytime, bring a book and I’ll make tea.


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