Here’s a short story that I wrote for an online competition.  The prompt was a beautiful photo of a sunset over a lake and the story had to be 194 words (or thereabouts) or less.  I didn’t win.  In fact, I didn’t even place.  But I still like the story and of course I hope you do, too.


 The five years felt both brief and forever.  Our anniversary treat–a week away together.  But tonight he’d been encouraging when I mentioned driving over to the lake for some sunset shots. Just for a few hours.  “We’ll make up for it later”, he ground out in his best James Bond voice, complete with salacious wink and dramatic leer.  “Take your time.”

I’d snapped some excellent shots but realized that as important as my art was, he was more, so I cut short my session, speeding back.  An unfamiliar car stood near the cottage.  Slipping in through the back, ready to call out, I stopped abruptly, shocked into immobility.

A woman’s voice, moaning periodically.

“Just a little higher.”
“No, don’t stop. That feels so good.”

Disbelief fueling rage, I flung the door open, (my mouth as well), poised to channel my hurt into verbal arrows–or something more tangible.  He spun around, then grinned.   “I should have known I’d never be able to keep a secret from you! Meet Sheri.  She’s been teaching me massage so I could surprise you tonight.”

“You did that,” I returned with a wry smile.

  1. and you believed him?

  2. billgncs says:

    wow – what a twist

  3. I guess I would say he’s lucky he had you coming back. I am not sure I would have stayed.

  4. Was she really teaching him how to massage or was it a really good lie. 🙂 Great story.

  5. I believe you believed him and that’s all that matters, n’est pas?

  6. Good one, like the twist.

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