Winter’s shawl–a haiku with two verses

Posted: March 12, 2013 in Nature, Photos, Poetry
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Winter’s Shawl

Winter’s chill shawl slips
Further from the shoulders of
Earth who longs for spring

Underneath the edge
Relentless life carefully
Peeks then advances



  1. nice. I guess you could
    say that these buds are for you.
    green cold ones sprouting

  2. Loved your lines. Really!
    I am not a poet, but a writer (a very small one). so, can you write a small verse on this theme that i have written to use in one of my short story? the title is ‘the end’

    We had our life walking hand in hand,
    The sun glittered brighter on the sand.
    I was emptied but I composed myself,
    I waited for you, aside the bookshelf.
    I always believed, destiny has to mend
    But o my dear, this is the end!

    Do check and provide me some tips on a short story of mine. I am trying to learn more from people like you

  3. Spring is quickly approaching. You’re ushering her in.

  4. Hello back!
    Inspired by you, on my last trip I bought good pumpkin seed to plant this year, I’ll let you know how it goes.

  5. Tom Poet says:

    Tulips? and Hostas? Have the Croakers coming up over here…spring can’t come soon enough. That reminds me that skunk cabbage is peaking out in the swamps and Ospreys are on their way back! A Heron has already been feasting on the goldfish pond.


    • Daffodils and day lilies. Sounds like you’re in a beautiful place, hopefully both physically and otherwise. 🙂 Herons are lovely!

      Enjoy and glad you stopped in.


      • Tom Poet says:

        I think even the harshest environments have beauty but Long Island is a gorgeous place. I love the water and anything to do with the sea. Love the woods as well and spent a good deal of my younger years hiking and exploring the Adirondacks. I’m out on the east end of the Island on the north fork and I am surrounded by vineyards and farms. Lovely country!


      • I’ve heard Long Island is beautiful but have never been there, only in the depths of Manhattan and that only for a few days. Where you are sounds lovely!!

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