Every Thursday, an online group of which I’m a part, has Thankful Thursday, something instituted by yours truly in an attempt to bring some balance to the litany of shared woes.  Don’t get me wrong.  Sharing these woes and asking for prayer is part of what this group does and we are privileged to do so, but it’s far too easy to get into a woe-is-me frame of mind and never think of the many blessings in our lives.  So last week, I got the ball rolling with an email filled with the blessings that came to mind for that day.  Later in the day, out of the blue, I got an email from a friend completely unrelated to the group, mentioning that she too often didn’t think about what was good in her life and thanking me for mentioning it.

This caused me considerable perplexity as I hadn’t intended to send the email to her at all.  The group’s address starts with “The” and this person’s address with “Sh”, so I was baffled at how I managed to send the email to the wrong party.  But I think this didn’t just happen by chance.  When I emailed S– to apologize, she responded that she was honestly glad to get the email, which I had also by that time copied and sent to the group for which it was originally intended.

I was glad to be of use to someone whom I didn’t realize could use the encouragement, although everyone can use encouragement.  I think it was divine intervention (but if you feel uncomfortable with that, feel free to attribute it to fate, chance, kismet, or whatever you find believable).   The errant mail wasn’t so errant after all and it turned out to be a blessing to someone I didn’t even know needed it.  A good “mistake” indeed.  Don’t forget to count your blessings, not just on Thursdays, but every day.

  1. sort of like – “there are no coincidences…”
    Randy (good morning)

  2. Robin in New Jersey says:

    I am thankful for you!

  3. Synchronicity – God in charge.

  4. Sometimes God works in ways we least expect it, or Him, in spite of ourselves. I have found by experience, and most recently that if I ask His help in what I write, do, or say He will always direct it to the right person, people or place. We are merely the vessel or instrument by which He can use us. Yet, we may never know who (if any) received the blessing. But, that is OK, we don’t need to know, but we can just have a good feeling about being in a place in our life, or season where He wants us to be. That is worth being thankful for every day.

    • You’re right, Joyce. Our job is to remain faithful and listen to what He says or know that He’s using us, even when we can’t tell.

      • And I think He can use Christians in their sphere of influence with other writers needing positive, encouraging and uplifting words, whether it is through fiction or non-fiction writing. I have seen and read things from writers out there in the blog-a-sphere that are quite extreme in viewpoint or perspective, confused, or mixed up, having no real direction in their life. I believe there is real opportunity given us via the internet if handled with care and prayer. (No rhyme intended). 🙂 Maybe your Thankful Thursday group will be that opportunity for you.

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