Some of you know my husband and I have been living mostly in two different places for more than four years.  We’re getting closer and closer to the time when we’ll finally be able to be in the same place. So it’s time to give a big shout-out to my husband who, like Dr. Seuss’ Horton, remained faithful 100% to me over those long years apart, an elephantine feat that in this day and age is something worth celebrating!

Talk show host Dennis Prager mentions five ways to make it easier for men to be faithful.  These are good things to do even if you aren’t apart, actions that help men fight what Dennis calls their nature for variety.

1.  Stay busy.  Conquer something other than women.

2.  Think through the consequences of what you do or think about doing.

3.  Be with your wife as much as possible.

4.  Wear a wedding band.

5.  Talk about your wife.

Although Bill doesn’t wear his wedding ring (and I can’t get mine on anymore), he acts as if he were wearing one.  He  has no trouble keeping busy, for which we can thank his job!  We drive the 6+ hour distance between us quite often, talk on the phone almost daily (or email),  he often talks about me and always speaks well of me when he does.

Kudos to you and thanks, Bill, for being a loving and faithful husband through these sometimes difficult years.  It will be wonderful to be back together!

copyright janet m. webb

  1. Nice one, Janet. Those instructions could also be applied to the wife, yes? I love the picture of two of my favorite Friday Fictioneers.

  2. The desire for variety can happen when couples are together; it’s love and affection and interest and willingness that is the glue, I think, that keeps a marriage going, and helping to maintain the commitment to each other.


    • Well said, Randy. That C word is the big one. Also stands for covenant. I made a covenant with this person and I’m committed to it. Love is not a feeling it’s an act of your will.

      • Rochelle, that last sentence is so important, yet something that in an era of “feeling”, is mostly overlooked and not even understood!! We are to do what is right, no matter how we feel. Feelings often follow acts so will and there’s nothing wrong with that.


    • You’re right, Randy. But there are always temptations so I’m celebrating this as the accomplishment it is.


  3. You are both so strong in your love and faith, it shines through in all that you both share with the blogging world. I for one am proud to know both of you and it has been easy from day one to feel the commitment you have to one another. Thank you for sharing this Jan and you make a very attractive couple. 🙂

    • Len, thank you so much and we’re both honored to have you following our blogs and being a virtual friend. If our faith and love show, then everything else is secondary!


  4. globalunison says:

    This is a beautiful post 🙂 You’re both lucky to have each other! =)
    With love,

  5. What a beautiful tribute to him and how wonderful that you have managed to make things work with such a distance between you. It is really good to hear about people sticking to values and promises.

  6. Robin in New Jersey says:

    You are very blessed.

    • Ha! I just wrote that very thing in answer to the previous comment. 🙂 Thanks, Robin and prayers for all husbands, wives and marriages to remain strong, no matter the difficulties.


  7. Aw, you two look so happy together! 🙂 A lovely post, Janet, and I agree that love is so much more than a feeling. It is a commitment, a daily decision, and as Rochelle says, a covenant. I pray God will continue to bless you and Bill and speed the time till you are together again! I can’t imagine living apart from my husband for so long. I get all out of sorts when he has to leave for a weekend… 😦

  8. smatchley says:

    A seriously wonderful, sweet accomplishment, worthy of celebration. Love this picture, my friend!

  9. You look like a perfect team – that’s a wonderful post. THANKS :o)

  10. Joyce says:

    Congratulations to you both for a long, lasting marriage and faithfulness. My husband, Wayne and I will have been married for 47 years this coming July. We were married at the age of 19. Though we had our difficult times and years of sacrifice in many ways while raising our two girls, we both remained faithful also to one another. It is a rare for couple these days to remain both faithful to each other while being married for such a long time. So, is very nice to hear of another couple like you who have reached those milestones in their life and marriage, as well. Please tell your husband for me I also congratulate him and also have always appreciated his following my blog and all the ‘likes’ and positive comments with my posts and FF stories. My best to you for more good, happy years, Janet.

    • Thanks, Joyce, and congratulations to you. We haven’t been married that long but we didn’t get married until I was 30, so we have an excuse. 🙂 I hope Bill will be reading this today and he can read your comments. He reads my blog faithfully, too, and encouraged me to start blogging. Glad I listened to him (and our daughters.)


      • Joyce says:

        Thank you, Janet. My husband is also supportive of my blogging and writing and honest on all. 🙂 Our daughters are very wonderful blessings to us both as well, since I had trouble conceiving both so count them as very special gifts from the Lord. I hope you and Bill and family have a wonderful Easter. It is by far my favorite holiday, and such a special day of the year for Christians.

  11. All the above comments say it all. Love is a fragile gift and it sounds as if you’ve both learned how to protected that gift and keep it safe.

  12. How nice to see the two of you in the same place at the same time!

  13. […] coming up with five sentences on this week’s prompt until I read Janet Webb’s posting on a faithful husband and how to remain one – Step 1. Stay busy.  Conquer something other than […]

  14. I am glad to hear about the reunion. Congrats and good luck.

  15. Shannon says:

    You guys are a great example of a strong marriage for me and Megan. It’s important to know that you took your vows seriously and that it can be done and be a wonderful blessing to both the people in the marriage and those around them! ❤

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