Preying–a haiku

Posted: March 31, 2013 in Nature, Poetry
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Hawk floats lazily
Buoyed by updrafts, perusing
The day’s lunch specials

  1. Lovely haiku! Great punch at the end!

    Blessings ~ Wendy

  2. Ha.
    That was great. Randy

    • Thanks, Randy! I was sure I was going to see a poetic/haiku response so I was shocked to see an unadorned compliment. Not saying I don’t like and appreciate it, just surprised. 🙂


  3. I hope the “lunch special” isn’t the Easter Bunny :o) Have a wonderful Weekend:o)

  4. Tom Poet says:

    Goood one Janet….Like you say Janet you just never know with a hawk. I was up on a cliff one time in the Adirondacks and a Red Tail hawk flew by me. I didn’t hear him until he already passed overhead and he could have easily pushed me off….Just glad he didn’t. I couldn’t have lunch.


    • Hawks are so beautiful. One year when we still had a bird feeder, a hawk came and sat on a wire about 10′ from the feeder. Needless to say, we didn’t see any birds until he (or she) left. Must have thought it was the fast food restaurant. 🙂

      Made it back and am looking forward to reading about your osprey once I’m settle in a bit. Hope you had a wonderful Easter.


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