To market, to market to buy a fat pig
Home again, home again, jiggety jig

It’s finally here! I open my eyes, half wishing I could lie in bed longer but it’s the day the farmer’s market moves outdoors, the day the opening time moves from 9 am to 8 am, and the thrill of what might be there rolls me out and gets me moving.  There really isn’t any reason to rush; most vendors will still have plenty produce or product if I arrive at 8:45 instead of 7:45.  But there’s something
wonderful about being there early (besides being able to find a parking place), so I bundle up against the still-winter-in-the-morning
air and arrive to the harbingers of spring.  Walk with me!  Enjoy!
You can’t buy a fat pig, unless you buy it in pieces, but you’ll have a good time.  And if you get cold, we’ll stop for coffee and tea.









  1. zookyworld says:

    Neat photos of the farmer’s market. I like that you wake up early to enjoy the market, which has lots of good stuff to see, smell, and taste. Yours looks like a nice market — worth getting up early for!

    • It’s an excellent market. The people who started it did a great job and while this is the only one in the area that goes indoors in the winter, there are a number of associated markets all over the Cleveland area during the summer. They are real treasures.


  2. fun.
    thanks for taking me there with you. I think I just bought everything (except the wood chicken). Randy

    • That wasn’t for sale anyway, Randy, so you’re safe there. Good thing virtual food has no calories. Glad you could come along. I enjoyed sharing the time with you.


  3. Andaluza says:

    Omigod, I love farmers markets! I have one next to my house every Saturday morning. They make you feel like you woke up in a different world! Oh and tulips are my favorite flowers!!! I love them!

  4. pattisj says:

    This is a nice market place! I can see why one would want to get there early.

  5. Tom Poet says:

    Nice pictures Janet….looks like a great market.


    • It is, Tom, a bit expensive sometimes but wonderful. Most of it’s food but there are artists, too. When the weather’s good, it’s a great way to spend a part of Saturday morning.