Joy and goosebumps

Posted: April 9, 2013 in Miscellaneous, Sports
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Some days are rougher than others and although I’m generally upbeat, last night things caught up with me.  It started when I accidentally knocked over the quart can (about 2/3 full) of wood stain and inadvertently stained not only a section of floor I wasn’t ready to stain, but parts of the TV table and DVD cases as well and some drops managed to get around or under all that onto the newly-painted walls.  It’s the sort of night when I realize that not only is my husband on his own six hours away, but I’m on my own, too.  Then this morning, I read I shouldn’t slide anything across refinished floors until they’re thoroughly dry–three to four months!!  Since my time frame is more like three to four days at most, how do I safely get the furniture back into its original location when there are pieces I can’t lift by myself?  (One possible answer is to get our realtor to help when he stops over to look at the house tonight–and I did.)

Enough whining.  You get the idea.  Into the midst of my pity party, the following video arrived and made me feel a lot better (as did a phone call from a friend).  This is the sort of thing I love to hear about sports and the people in them, juxtaposed against scandals of various sorts that grab the headlines.  Please take just a minute and watch.  This seven-year-old boy struggling against brain cancer is a huge fan of the Nebraska Cornhuskers (as am I–full disclosure) and here’s what the Huskers did for him during their intra-squad game.  It will give you goosebumps and possibly bring tears to your eyes.

It also put my “problems” in perspective.  Maybe it will yours, too.

  1. billgncs says:

    this does bring tears to my eyes… which is unusual indeed.

  2. Tom Poet says:

    Tooo cute…the little guy did look confused.

    Good stuff.

  3. annesquared says:

    This was the first post of the first blog I click on…on the worst day I have had in over a year. That is saying a lot! Wow, this brought a smile to my face. :D!

    • I’m so glad I could bring a smile to your face, Anne! Sorry you’re having a terrible day. I had a bad day this weekend, but this put my “problems” into perspective. Thanks for coming by and prayers that things will be better for you soon!


      • annesquared says:

        Thanks, Janet. Hopefully the weather will be decent enough after work tomorrow and I can get a riding lesson in – nothing like a good workout to refocus and relax! My trainer is a taskmaster!

      • Ah, you’re a horse lover. I am, too. What type of horse do you have and what are you working towards (and where the heck are you?) We go to Wyoming each summer and have horses there (my dad’s). Although I’ve always loved Arabs, we have Missouri Fox Trotters there. Once you ride one of them, it’s hard to ride anything else when you ride long distances.

  4. Thanks for my bawl! I love stuff like that too. Some days are just like that. I battle them for a while, then let them take their course and start over the next morning.

    • You’re right. I just keep on going, trying to get something accomplished and in the morning, I feel better. Glad you like the video. You simply can’t feel bad after watching that. Thanks for coming by.


  5. Yeah, you gotta love them when they step aside and so something like that.
    i don’t like most sports and that got to me.

  6. paulscribbles says:

    Blubbing like a baby…wonderful moment.

    • Paul, I saw this today on the Big Ten Network channel, which was showing the Nebraska intra-squad football game and this moment came near the end. I still had tears in my eyes and I’ve seen more clips about this boy and they’re all lovely. A great sports moment. Glad you loved it.


      • paulscribbles says:

        Just reblogged.

      • Great, Paul. I love having lots of people see this. We need more good news in our lives.



      • paulscribbles says:

        No problem. Do you have a specific Photo part to your blog or is it all hidden in the mix?

      • If you go to the categories sections on the left, there’s a pull-down menu and there’s a photo section there. I do use my photos in other posts, but if the post is mostly or all photos, it should be there. For instance, tomorrow, I’m doing two haiku with photos, but the post will include a “photo” category.

      • paulscribbles says:

        OK…Thanks…I’ll take a look.

  7. paulscribbles says:

    Reblogged this on paul scribbles and commented:
    As you may well know I love Sport…All of it…and this video is all about the good and the beauty in Sport. I dare you not to cry.

    • Thank you very much! I’ll take a look a bit later once I’ve caught up on my work. Oh, wait. That would mean never. 🙂 But I will take a look later and thanks again.