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Posted: April 11, 2013 in Animals, Memories, Personal
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The WordPress prompt of the day is….

Imperfections — in things, in people, in places — add character to life. Tell us about an imperfection that you cherish.

I have plenty imperfections of my own, but this post is about the imperfection of my horse, Sunday.  You see her every time you see my gravatar.  She’s a Missouri Foxtrotter, which means she has a gait that, instead of the usual bumpy trot, is so smooth that you could ride forever.  It’s the epitome of that rocking chair feeling.

Sunday can’t stand still, although now that she’s 30, her energy level has diminished.  In her heyday (or for a horse, maybe a hay-day), she stopped when asked but after a few moments, she began to dance.  She didn’t try to get away, she didn’t put us in danger in any way; she just danced. She tossed her head to indicate her impatience. She wanted to go and she wanted me to know she was ready.  We had somewhere to go and she wanted to get there.

When she walked, we moved inexorably away from following horses.  Periodically we’d stop and wait.  When the other horse or horses got within a certain distance, Sunday decided that was close enough and, if I didn’t let her go, the dance began.  One day my husband and I were on a ride together.  I was on Sunday, he on Lad, a pleasant horse, a little overweight but fun to ride.  We’d gone all the way to the bottom of Sand Coulee, a long, winding, rutted road down to a river. You’d never drive down without a four-wheel drive vehicle (not if you wanted your drive to survive!)   Coming out, Bill thought he’d try to leave us behind, urging Lad into a canter. I loosened the reins, Sunday went into a higher gear and off we went.  No matter how fast Bill pushed Lad, who was soon huffing and puffing, Sunday was always ahead.  We laughed so hard we were in danger of falling off!  But Lad was never going to catch Sunday and Sunday would always go until asked to stop.  Dad and I figured if she ever died, it would be mid-stride.  Some people who rode her didn’t like her dancing.  I loved her passion for motion.  I never once in all those years had to kick her to get her to go faster.  What a joy!

Sunday’s now retired, gifted to friends who have a ranch at the bottom of the mountains and who will take care of her now that her teeth aren’t good and she needs special food to eat.  If turned out to run out on the range all winter, she would be dead.  I’d rather have her being loved and cared for, than see her each summer, although I could visit her.  In spite of…no, because of…her imperfection, her inbred desire to move and to move quickly, she will always fill a place in my heart that no “perfect” horse will ever fill.  I hope to grow old as gracefully and energetically as she has.

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Still dancing after all these years (both of us.)

  1. Managua Gunn says:

    Wonderful, delicate piece. And great photo with pastel colours.

  2. annesquared says:

    I wondered who that was. We all have a “Sunday” in our life 🙂

  3. Jan Morrill says:

    What a lovely excerpt in the life of a beautiful horse. Isn’t it the imperfections in each creature that makes it unique? I call it wabi sabi–beauty in imperfection. I look for it everywhere.

  4. What a beautiful horse and such an incredibly heartwarming story. Thank you for sharing with us and I wish Sunday a very happy retirement.

    • She’s loved where she is now and cared for carefully, so I’m happy. She gave me/us such good years and rides that she deserves this. Thanks as always for stopping in. (Did you win something in that contest with the cat photos?)


  5. Now, if only Sunday could read this wonderful appreciation of her! Only to do that, she’d have to stand still for a little while, so I guess it’s not going to happen.

  6. Shreyank says:

    a touching story Janet 🙂

  7. wwwmama says:

    I love the idea of her dancing and the rocking chair reference

  8. paulscribbles says:

    Beautiful post. Thanks for sharing.

  9. So beautiful. Your thoughts on imperfection give me such a sense of peace and happiness, I can’t imagine why anyone would strive for anything else. 🙂

  10. pamtanzey says:

    She is beautiful. What wonderful memories you have of her.

  11. So glad she found a place to live out her days. It is so difficult when our four-legged companions age often much more quickly than we do.

    • It is, Kat. I’m privileged to have had so much time with her. We’ve had amazing rides.

      Thanks for coming by and visiting. I, too, like to travel, garden and eat. 🙂 I’ll add read to the list as well.


  12. Lucid Gypsy says:

    So touching what a treasure she is, I have a little tear.