Flooded Friday (and the answer)

Posted: April 19, 2013 in Miscellaneous, Nature, Photos
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Before I get to the photos of Thursday’s flooding, the answer to the question of “What in the heck is that bubbly stuff?” in yesterday’s post is…..(drum roll, please)….partially mixed batter, with almond milk coming around the edges.  Anne’s daughter and Scott were the closest.  Congratulations!!
If I’d posted this picture, it would have been easier to guess, but not as much fun.

copyright janet m. webb

Now on to the flooding. On Thursday, torrential rain drenched the Chicago area, including Naperville which, with a river running through it, has suffered from the 6″ of rain.

Here are some pictures of downtown Naperville.

This scene usually includes a river, a walk next to but above i,t and another walk at the upper level.  You can tell by the lamp posts where the upper walk is supposed to be.  But it isn’t accessible today!


On most days, this covered bridges stands quite a distance above the water.  Toda,y the water was lapping bottom, there’s more rain in the forecast, and water is going to be released from a dam upstream.


Looking out from the CVS parking lot at businesses on the other side of the river, a river usually not seen from this angle.  There are patios and basements under the water line and you can see some men and sandbags on the right side.


View slightly to the right of the last picture.  More sandbags and another bridge being attacked by water.


Not a sight you want to see at your business!!


Even the ducks sought the shelter of the side, out of the current, which was sweeping them downstream.

copyright janet m. webb

Although many schools and businesses (and some roads) were closed today, we were blessed not to have any water issues in or around our rental house.  I heard stories about people who were stuck in their houses surrounded by water (which means water in the basement mostly likely).  We’re happy to not be included in that number!  I have to say that the grass is looking very green and I think if I looked carefully, I could see the day lilies grow.  The narcissus and daffodils, however, have been beaten down by the fierce rain.  Thankfully, many of them haven’t blossomed yet.

copyright janet m. webb

  1. Oh I was so wrong with the bubbly stuff :o) I feel sorry for all pets and people in this area, I hope they all are safe.

    • There were a lot of wrong answers but it was fun. As for the flooding, there was no more rain last night so that’s good. Huge winds again today and Bill said the river is still “raging”, so I’m praying that everyone (including pets) is safe.


  2. yarnspinnerr says:

    Yes you did mention rain and a gloomy morning.

  3. annesquared says:

    I can always count on my daughter to see the world in a way that I don’t 🙂 She is thrilled to have “won” the contest 😉 – so delightful of you to make a 16 year old’s day!

    • Pleased I could. I’m glad she enjoyed the picture. I have another lovely picture up today which she might like…but no contest to go with it. Tell her hello and that I’m glad she played.


  4. We didn’t get very much here and are thankful.

    • Glad to hear it. We haven’t had more rain, just some snow/sleet type of stuff off and on. We drove around tonight and the amount of water, even now, is incredible.


  5. Sorry to hear about the flooding… Glad that you are okay. Hope the damage wasn’t too bad.

    • No damage to our rental house, thankfully. Lots of homes have water in the basement, I believe, and those businesses along the river walk are not in good shape. Even with the pictures, it hard to imagine how much water there is unless there’s a no-flooding picture of the same spot. The water’s gone down some now and this is the second day with no rain (and sun today), so that will help. Appreciate your concern.


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