Still only a penny!

Posted: May 19, 2013 in Miscellaneous
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When I was a child, the grocery stores had these horses and for a time, they were as close as I got to a real horse. If you live near a Meier store, your children can still ride for one cent!



  1. Sonel says:

    Lovely post! I wish everything could have stayed the same price. Great shots. πŸ™‚

  2. annesquared says:

    Oh yes… the horses outside the grocery stores πŸ™‚
    Hey, that is how I can finally embarrass my kids! Nah, they’d want a penny, too.

  3. Oh I remember, I couldn’t pass this horses without a ride as a child .. Thanks for this post :o)

  4. Cathy Brockman says:

    Oh memories! i loved these horses!

  5. Memory Catcher says:

    We used to ride the ponies at Sears back when we were kids! Great photos. Thanks for visiting my Escape! Sally

  6. What a treasure..I loved those rides and would ride on one today if I saw one πŸ™‚

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