The art of the unexpected ending

Posted: June 13, 2013 in Miscellaneous, Musings
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Every week when the Friday Fictioneers gather to write their 100-word stories, the intense search for the perfect ending twist begins in earnest.  That leads me to wonder if the most unexpected twist then becomes no twist at all.  But I digress.

While watching as many of the Stanley Cup playoffs games as possible (that’s hockey, of the ice type, for those of you who might not know), I saw a commercial which to me has the perfect twist ending.   In fact, part way through it for the first time, I wasn’t happy about it at all.  But it’s become one of my favorites because it has not only an unexpected twist, but one that’s G-rated, right up my alley. 🙂  What do you think?

(Just as a disclosure, I have no financial investment in Lexus, don’t own an Lexus, and am not endorsing Lexus…although if someone would like to give me one, please feel free to post your address in the comments section and I’ll contact you right away.   As Randy points out in the comments, I got the wrong type of car initially, but I’ve now corrected that.  My apologies to Lexus.)

  1. Bastet says:

    I don’t own an audi…in fact don’t own a car, but if I did, I’d gladly send it along! 😉

  2. billgncs says:

    I’ll buy you an audi if you like, but you must seduce me 🙂

  3. safia says:

    My reaction to the ad? I think you say it here: ‘That leads me to wonder if the most unexpected twist then becomes no twist at all.’ I’m afraid I groaned at that ending – maybe I’m a crusty old cynic (or a disillusioned romantic) but all I take from this is a car manufacturer’s attempt to corner their share of the family market. At first, we think – ah, Lexus, rich, sexy young guy getting off with an attractive woman, but oh, hey, here’s the twist – they’re actually the ‘perfect’ family – tall handsome dad, long blonde-haired mum and two kids – one of each of course (boy and girl) – and naturally, they’re white and as pure as their cotton bed sheets. Thanks for reminding me why I don’t have a TV anymore!

    • I certainly see your point, Safia, and I know whatever Audi or any other advertiser does is with eye to the main chance of selling, else why would they advertise. For me, though, the point wasn’t the color or ethnicity of the family, it was that it WAS a family. They get us thinking the commercial’s about a guy seducing a woman and then it turns out they’re married with children. I don’t think the message that you can be married, love your spouse, have a loving family, etc. is often out there in the world of advertising, movies, books, etc. so I embrace it when I see it. It would have been just as powerful to me if the family weren’t white. The “prefect” part to me is that they’re a family.

      I guess even if the commercial annoys you, which certainly wasn’t my purpose in blogging about it, it still fits the unexpected ending idea. Thanks for your comments as they did make me take another look at it from a different point of view. As for being crusty old cynic, I’ve done that schtick, too. 🙂 Off for some breakfast now so I don’t cast a jaundiced eye on the rest of the day.

      Blessings on your day,


      • safia says:

        I hope I didn’t offend you with my comments – you didn’t create the ad and you did ask for opinions!

        All the best.

      • Not at all, Safia. I’m glad you commented. It’s another chance to realize that even things that can seem clear-cut aren’t necessarily so. Your opinion was welcomed!


  4. Alastair says:

    I like that ending. I imagine that can be a romantic thing to do. Pretend you don’t know each other and then pick her up as if you are meeting for the first time

  5. While I see the “pretty white people” point, I still liked this commercial. Like you, Janet, I saw beauty not in the couple’s physical appearance, nor in their “perfect boy/girl family,” but in the fact that THEY ARE A FAMILY. Too often single, carefree, uncommitted is glorified as the ideal – and married with children is shown as… well, not so ideal. Boring. Ugly. Messy. Unattractive. Yes, they’re trying to sell a car to a specific demographic. They have to make money. But here’s the thing: They could have sold the car in a way that promoted something other than a loving, committed marriage.

    As for the twist in FF stories, I agree… sometimes it’s wonderful NOT to have a twist.

  6. Dear Janet,

    Well Lisa took made my comment. The couple could’ve been of any race or ethnicity. The point (at least to me) that I loved about it was that in the end they’re still romantically in love even though they have two children, indicating they’ve been married for a while.

    As for the Friday Fictioneers’ tendencies toward twisted endings…I’m an O. Henry fan. 😉

    Thanks for sharing.



    (Back to reading and trying to catch up on FF stories.)

  7. The ad that’s posted is for a Lexus, not an Audi. What went wrong?
    The ad is fun, sexist, and has a great twist in that the couple is either married or because of owning a Lexus, end up getting and being married with children. But it is a Lexus commercial.

    • Hahaha! Thanks for catching that, Randy. I guess that’s why I’m not a good person for watching commercials–I may remember the commercial but not what it’s advertising. I’m going to hit “edit” and change that. 🙂


  8. safia says:

    All valid comments. When you’ve weaned yourself off TV ads, they do tend to look rather ‘fake’ and not so terribly subtle – take another look at the party the couple leave – have you ever, seriously been in a room full of such ‘beautiful people’? The tagline of the ad is ‘In pursuit of perfection’ – I’m not too keen on advertisers presenting images of what they perceive as perfection as they are often taken for granted and become a kind of benchmark of worldly success. Most of us are failures I guess if we used Audi’s measure of perfection (which of course is unattainable, but OK – go for it, pursue it if you must). At the heel of the hunt as we say in Ireland, buying this car won’t bring you any closer to the perfection achieved by that fairy tale couple.

    BTW – I do like twist in the tale stories as long as they’re not too obvious and spoiled by foreshadowing. Happy Friday you brave fictioneers!

    • TV ads are definitely fake. But what do you mean about the beautiful people?? Everyone I hang out with looks exactly like that. 🙂 And if I buy the car (a Lexus, not an Audi, as Randy pointed out–silly me), I won’t have a perfect life?? Drat! Guess I just saved a lot of money.

      One of the things we notice and enjoy about the British productions we watch is that they are filled with ordinary-looking people, not “perfect” people. Of course the ad invites us to Lexus as perfection in a car, but we all know only my Sienna van is the perfect vehicle. To go off on a very short tangent, I love driving a van for all the room and, in the case of the Sienna, the comfort. Heck with cache!!

      I find beer commercials on the whole much more annoying, as they’re filled with beautiful people continuously partying and hitting on one another and even worse, drinking light “beer” while doing it. I never “got” light beer. If I have a beer, I want a beer that has taste.

      My pursuit of “perfection” is in the area of how I live and act, not in the car I drive. It’s harder than driving the “right” vehicle, but more rewarding. And yes, I like twists in stories, too. Happy Friday back to you and have a great weekend.


      • safia says:

        Lol – yes – note the pattern – ads aimed at men = beautiful women. I like what you said about your personal pursuit of perfection. If you can find the time, please check out my latest Irish Poem of the Week – I think it might appeal to you. Sx

      • Let me head over and find it. Thanks.


  9. It is a cute commercial. Sometimes I think of the Woody Allen quote in which he asks for God to show him a sign by putting a large sum of money into a bank account. If that would happen, this would be my car.

    • I often wish God would just use a fax or email when letting me know what He wants me to do. It would be so much easier. 🙂 A large sum of money would be nice, too.

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