Posted: June 15, 2013 in Writing
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The five years felt both brief and forever.  Our anniversary treat–a week away together.  Tonight Terry encouraged me to drive over to the lake for some sunset shots as I’d planned.  “We’ll make up for it later”, he  said with a  salacious wink and dramatic leer.  “Take your time.  I’ll see you about 9.”

It was peaceful at the lake.  The bird songs soothed my soul.  I got some excellent shots of a sunset made spectacular by clouds, but I decided to cut my session short.  As important as my art was, our time together was more, so I cut short my session, speeding back.

An unfamiliar car stood near the cottage.  Grabbing my gear, I slipped through the back. Ready to call out,  I stopped abruptly, shocked into immobility by a woman’s voice.

“Just a little higher.”
“No, don’t stop. Mmmmm. That feels so good.”
“Oh, yeah!”

Unbelieving, I flung the door open, (my mouth as well).  Ron was leaning over a table where a bikini-clad woman lay.  He spun around, looking shocked, then pulled himself together and said, “You’re back early.”

The woman, evidently more adept at reading my expression, said as she sat up, “Seems like the perfect time for that old line: ‘It’s not what you think’. And it isn’t.  My name’s Sheri.  I’m a licensed masseuse.  Besides giving massages, I give lessons to people who want to learn a bit beyond the basics so they can give a good massage to others.  Ron’s doing a great job.  He’s a natural.”

Ron grinned.  “I thought it would be the perfect gift for our last night here.  I meant it as a surprise.”

“It was that,” I returned with a wry smile.

  1. masadiso79 says:

    Really great! 🙂

  2. Dear Janet,

    Seems to me I’ve read this one somewhere before. 😉 Loved it then. Love it now.



  3. Joe Owens says:

    Um, yeah. Bikinis aren’t normal uniforms for a masseuse where I live either! A good story Janet

    • Thanks, Joe. In this case, though, she was legit and wearing the bikini rather than nothing so he could practice for the lesson. Maybe I need to be clearer about that. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!


  4. annesquared says:

    Happy ending 🙂

  5. That was really a surprise :o) Great!

  6. I remember reading that before and wondering. I am glad it truly was for you.

  7. Oh, this could go so many places from here – will your narrator believe it was a massage lesson? If she doesn’t, will she go into immediate screaming hysterics or will she pretend to be convinced while she plans revenge – and what might her revenge be? Will she trust her husband right now, and then discover that suspicion keeps bobbing up every time anything unusual happens? Should she believe him, or is the situation just exactly what it looked like? And on, and on. You’ve created a very intriguing story that could be an early partial chapter of an entire book exploring this relationship.

    • I find it interesting that an author can mean a story in one way or feel that the outcome is such-and-such, and then others interpret it very differently. Of course, one hundred words makes it more difficult to always have a concrete ending or direction, but it makes writing more enjoyable if sometimes less precise.


  8. Kalpana says:

    Fuzzy cattail sausages on nature’s skewers. Brilliant!

  9. Sarah Ann says:

    Loved the twist in this – very clever.

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