France on Cleveland’s east side

Posted: July 2, 2013 in Food, Photos
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Most Saturday mornings, you can find Britt-Marie Horrocks Culey and her husband at the Shaker Square farmers market offering delectable pastries from Britt’s Coquette Patisserie, Britt trained in Provence and when you stop by her table,you’ll think you’re in France, rather than Cleveland’s east side.  The very best thing is that these
wonderful treats have absolutely no calories.  🙂

Here are some of last Saturday’s offerings, although Britt wasn’t there. She was home, taking care of the couple’s three-week-old pastry-chef-to-be.

To read more about Britt or check out her recipe for honey madeleines, click here.





  1. Sandra says:

    I’m on my way…

  2. Oh the macarons – I think I will visit our baker today :o)

  3. Bastet says:

    OM….swoon…these are beautiful! I may have to make a special photo challenge just for pastries and sweets…you’ll have a special standing invitation!

  4. after your Thai silver knife experience, beware ze guillotines…
    Do you taste what you shoot? Or do you just shoot for the thrill of it?

  5. “Absolutely no calories”? Not so sure. Unless you’re counting the calories from looking at the photos…. 🙂

  6. xpat92 says:

    Oh my goodness…these look awesome! My corner “boulangerie” is also a “patissere” but I indulge very rarely;
    This shop is a first stop in Cleveland before visiting France 😉

    • It’s not as glamorous here but Cleveland’s a pretty nice place that also has many wonderful restaurants as well as many farmers markets.


  7. Lovely. At least the photos are calorie free. 😉



  8. Good. Golly. Beautiful shots, Janet! Scrumptious treats. You are so lucky to have Brit’s Coquette Patisserie! The crust in the top shot is amazing. i also love her plates? Or are they’re dishware? Beauties! Did you score any treats while you were there? I also can’t stop staring at the macarons. Now I’m hungry. VERY hungry. Merci! T.

    • I generally don’t buy anything because I’m buying fruit and veggies. But aren’t they amazing? I’m going to have to treat myself one of these days. I’ve had the macarons and they’re delicious.


      • From top to bottom, it’s a gorgeous post. I just ate some chocolate, thanks to you. The power of suggestion! Oui. It’s time for a macaron report! T.

      • I hope it was dark chocolate. Now you have me craving chocolate. Perhaps I’ll have to get something just so I can report more in-depth. 🙂 Except for the top item, the others are described in delicious detail on her website.


  9. lalarukh1 says:

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