Natural vitamin D, Pink Martini and Monet

Posted: July 20, 2013 in Musings, Nature, Personal, Photos, Writing
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On a day when by afternoon our lovely deck resembles the bottom half of a Foreman grill, it behooves me, after an 8 am foray to Whole Foods to score organic strawberries for $1.99 a pound, to walk while the temperature is still a “balmy” 80 F or so, with humidity even higher. Natural vitamin D, here I come!

I stride out on the black, heat-soaked, asphalt path that winds over a mile around the neighborhood lake. My Nano has Pink Martini crooning the tunes from “Splendor in the Grass”. If you haven’t experienced Pink Martini, do so immediately. You haven’t had fun until you’ve heard China Forbes sing “Now You’re Gone” and the response from NPR correspondent Ari Shapiro , “Now I’m Back”, sung tongue firmly in cheek.  (Have you ever tried to sing with your tongue in your cheek?  It’s not easy!!)   Here’s the story of the song and a great shot of the group: Here’s a live version of the song:

My first obstacle, other than the heat and humidity, is the gaggle of geese hanging out around the lake, producing prodigious amounts of goose poop in their own inimitable fashion. Not a fan of government subsidies, I’d gladly subsidize anyone discovering how to get geese to deposit their multitudinous offerings in some sort of cosmic litter box or teach them to compost without littering. I’m not holding my breath.

Some ducks feeding near the shore treat me to a humorous view of uptilted, feather-clad, V-shaped bottoms held upright by wildly paddling yellow legs and feet. Cheerfully water-boarding themselves in search of breakfast, they appear cool and collected, more than I feel after the first part of my walk. When I reach the corner, I see Monet’s lilies floating serenely in their season ticket location. A bit farther on, giant thistles topped with purple flowers tower over grasses and other plants. I amuse myself with my favorite thistle fantasy—that all of them are artichokes. Queen Anne’s lace dance in the wind like albino sunflowers and dragonflies that resemble miniature black ops helicopters fly nearby.


I seriously contemplate stopping for a few minutes in the shade of the weeping willow, but resolutely press on at a pace only slightly less than my usual rate of 4.5+  mph. Halfway through my second round, dreaming of cool water sliding down my throat, I hear noise behind me and before I can look back, I’m passed by a young girl on a motorized scooter. The proliferation of motorized vehicles for children baffles me. Why can’t they push a scooter with one leg or pedal their obnoxious Barbie or G.I.Joe cars using their own power? What are we telling them if we go for a “walk” with motors instead of legs? Of course, when one state school board can designate dodgeball as a “human target activity” and ban it, along with any number of other “dangerous” games, why should I be surprised?

Even though there aren’t as many flowers anymore, in several places, a floral scent surrounds me, pervasive, but not in the same as the overpowering smell of perfume that follows too many women, who swan by followed by their perfume entourage which punches nearby people in the noses. Perfume should be subtle, intriguing, inviting the person who smells it to come closer, not bowl him over and leave him choking.

I pass on doing my post-walk stretching outside and walk slowly home, where I can hardly touch the metal door handle. When I open the door, the cool air feels wonderful, my glass of water taste like the nectar of the gods and a shower is pure bliss. What a wonderful start to the day!  But if tomorrow is cooler, I’ll be happy.

  1. Tom Poet says:

    An excellent piece of descriptive writing.

    • Hi, Tom. Thanks very much. Hope you’re having a great weekend and that it’s cooled down a bit. It was cool enough today to walk, more comfortably than I described in this post, and then go back and take picture, too. Such a relief after all the heat and humidity.


      • Tom Poet says:

        Having a great weekend so far. I have noticed a great change in your writing lately…all good.

        I hope your weekend is going well. Still real hot here.


  2. says:

    Great song! The heat, I get it and flung myself into a hiking today at 97 degrees. You are an excellent writer !

    • So glad you enjoyed the song. I was fortunate to see them in concert recently and they were excellent! Hiking at 97 is intense. We’re just now getting a huge storm so perhaps it will be cooler tomorrow.


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