Cloudy with a chance of meatballs

Posted: July 25, 2013 in Photos
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“Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs” was the title of a children’s book that we read to our daughters when they were little and yesterday was serendipitously a cloud day. I did a Friday Fictioneers story called “Cloudy” ( as well as observed some amazing clouds over Cleveland on my trip back from Chicago. The clouds were enormous and fluffy, stacks of cotton balls piled sky-high, their beauty frustrating me because of the impossibility of getting good pictures while driving along the interstate. There are no safe places to stop, so perfect shots whip by tantalizingly at 75 mph, causing much frustration. I even made an unnecessary stop at a rest area to see if I could get some better shots, but rest areas are evidently chosen for maximum photo boredom and then filled chock-full of “stuff” to block any stray photos that might emerge. So I have to share with you these photos taken, I hate to admit, while driving although, I hasten to add, very, very, very carefully.

Whereas a small camera can be held in one hand and picture snapped at a rapid rate, an iPad doesn’t lend itself to this method. I have to put it on top of the steering wheel where I can hold both it and the wheel, then carefully push the button to take a picture. I got lots of non-pictures by accident and I only do this when there are absolutely no other vehicles around me. But despite their lack of professionalism, I hope you can see a bit of the beauty of the clouds.

As I got closer to the towering cloud piles, the thought entered my mind that what was below those stunning clouds was mostly likely to be stunning in the opposite direction and so it turned out to be. I drove for miles at about 30 mph, flashers on, barely able to see. You know it was bad when the rest of the traffic was doing the same. I safely emerged some time later, safe and back at the house. No meatballs, but plenty of clouds.





  1. Joe Owens says:

    You and I share a kinship. I see photo opps everywhere and have come to rely on my 8 megapixel Windows phone. Praying for your driving safety while you explore your passion. Great photos.

    • Joe, I rarely do this while driving. This is probably only about the second time. I try never to do anything distracting while driving. I have my snacks in a place where I can reach them without looking and can tell by feel if I’ve found what I want. Everything I might need is in reach or, like the earpiece for my phone, already plugged in and ready to use. But it just kills me to let the photos go by. I used to get some good ones with the small digital camera which could be one-hand-held but both the ones we have are in use elsewhere right now. 🙂


      • Joe Owens says:

        We drove back from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina yesterday afternoon and evening and When i drive i always receive comments from my wife that I spend too much time admiring the scenery. I take interest in everything I see. For instance when i see an old structure that has become neglected or just abandoned I try to imagine what it was like the day it was finished and the thoughts and dreams of whoever built it for its purpose on the day it was finished. There is a lot of these structures on the route we take.

  2. Our sky was looking like swirled ice cream today :o)

  3. Dear Janet,

    I’m wondering if you took the pics while were talking. Glad you made it home safely. Nice pics in any case.



  4. Helena Hann-Basquiat says:

    They so often like explosions (or has the world taken on a different hue post-9/11?) that they are sometimes beautiful and sometimes horrible.

    • They do often look like explosions and maybe post-Hiroshima is more apt, at least for we older folks. Not that I was alive then, but collective memory has lost much since then.


  5. Maybe I would like driving more if I took the time to appreciate such lovely skies like this. It’s a task I always dread since I’m terrified of all the bad drivers on the road, myself included, but it wouldn’t hurt to enjoy the scenery to enhance the overall experience. Thanks for the lovely reminder.

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