Cheers to the weekend

Posted: July 26, 2013 in Art, Family, Photos
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Raise your glass to the weekend, a glass of Cooper’s Hawk sangria filled with slices of fresh peaches and strawberries.   Ahhhhh!
Are you in Spain?  Provence?  Does it matter?  It’s almost the weekend and you’re with the person you love.  Enjoy!
And may you have a blessed weekend.


(The painting in the background was done by our daughter the art student before she went to art school.  If you’d like to see more of her work, visit her blog:  Want to buy something you see there?  Let her know.)

  1. have a good weekend Janet. Mine has just begun, thank goodness but it will be busy. Not a lot of blog times this weekend

  2. to start a weekend with Sangria is a very good idea – have a happy weekend and a lot of this tasty potion.

  3. Weekend? What’s that?

  4. Cheers. 🙂 Sangria sounds like a great addition to the weekend!

  5. Helena Hann-Basquiat says:

    That looks delicious, darling — I was out for dinner last night and they had a pomegranate sangria that was amazing. The margaritas were also amazing. Anything I had after those, I can’t vouch for, as I don’t remember.

    • Both of those sound…amazing. :-). Love margaritas! I thought of you when doing this post as your gravatar, sans ciggie, reminds me of our daughter’s painting in this post.

      Enjoy (and remember) your weekend!


      • Helena Hann-Basquiat says:

        I’m going to make a confession (shhhhh) my Avatar is a screenshot of a Warhol actress named (drumroll please) Helena Handbasket, and I just drew in the cigarette to remind myself not to smoke!

      • I’ll confess that I was pretty sure that wasn’t really you, but since you chose the shot, I thought you’d like Megan’s artwork as they have similarities. The actress’ name is quite funny.


  6. Helena Hann-Basquiat says:

    P.S. the painting is lovely — your daughter did that! Do pass on my adoration.

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