View from the porch

Posted: August 6, 2013 in Animals, Nature, Photos, Travel
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  1. Uncle Spike says:

    Stunning fotos, thanks for sharing. Is that ‘home’ or views from a vacation place? Looks wonderful to me: we live in a mountanous area too and never ever tire of the views 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by. It’s a vacation place but one that’s a family place, so we come every year if at all possible. I love the mountains but our home isn’t near any, unfortunately. It’s a blessing to be able to come here, though, and I’ve been coming since I was in college and long before we were married.


  2. Nice view.
    Nice squirrel.
    Nice… feet.
    Have a nice…

  3. Joe Owens says:

    Wow Janet, this looks fabulous. I can see why you say you love to come here. The natural beauty is breathtaking.

  4. mobibrad says:

    you have a lovely porch at your vacation spot. mine overlooks a boring alley 😀

    • Glad to share our with you. Is it your vacation spot that overlooks a boring alley? If so, at least you’re on vacation there and can get out to somewhere with better sights. In the meantime, you’re welcome to enjoy our sights. 🙂


  5. I am starting to relax just looking out at your view, what a wonderful place. Enjoy your time away.

  6. viveka says:

    Wouldn’t mind sitting on your porch … wonderful view and great photos.

  7. mpejovic says:

    Beautiful! Looks a lot like where we went on vacation earlier this summer, in the Southern CA mountains.

  8. Enjoy all that wooded bliss!

  9. White Pearl says:

    wow these pictures are so beautiful and eye catching…..Love greenery all around and how beautifully you captured it ! You live at a wonderful place 🙂

  10. neenslewy says:

    I saw these the other day (maybe just yesterday) and didn’t get a chance to read – I thought it was your view – now I realise you are on holiday!
    Wow -what incredible places – great photos. I love that this is a place you return year on year and that this place has seen you grow from girl to woman! Special.

    • I’ve been coming here since I was in college and I think the only year I’ve missed was the year I went to Europe between my junior and senior years in college. 🙂 Bill married into it and the girls grew up with it. It’s quite a blessing and I’m so glad to be able to share it via the blog. Thanks for coming by to visit. More photos over the next week and a half or so.


      • neenslewy says:

        I know I read the comments on the thread -such a lovely thing to have! Can’t wait for more pictures. Make sure you rest and relax too! Must be a very inspiring writing retreat!

      • This year’s a bit busier than others as our older daughter, her boyfriend and a friend of our younger daughter will arrive tonight. Lots more planning, cooking, etc. I normally do a lot of writing but I may be doing a lot in my head this year. 🙂 Glad you’re enjoying the time with me.


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