Mammoth Hot Springs is our next stop on the Yellowstone tour. I found out today that our house passed its inspection, which means the sale is on, so I don’t have the time I would like to devote to telling you about this unique spot, but you can find out more about it here, and here, I hope you enjoy my photo trip. We still have a day or two of travel in the park before the tour is ended. So sit back, put your feet up, have some coffee, tea, a Guinness or a glass of wine, and enjoy.

On the road to Mammoth…


Everything is bigger there!  🙂  I couldn’t resist this laugh-inducer.






The elk like to hang out around the warmth.





Looking down at the hotel and the rest of the man-made part of the area.



  1. C.J. Black says:

    Magnificent – my sister landed in San Fran earlier this morning has toured around these special places and is going back for more she continues to be mesmerised by its beauty. Wishing you luck with the sale & safe travelling.

  2. Thanks for taking us along on the trip.. wonderful shots indeed!

  3. xpat92 says:

    Hi Janet,
    I love a road trip! Maybe one day, D & I will get to do a nat’l park.
    Thumbs up for your home project; just take it easy, enjoy and face your challenges when you return.


    • National parks are a national treasure. There are so many wonderful ones. I hope you get to visit one soon. As for the moving, I have to work like mad for just over a week and a half…then start unpacking at the other end. I can make it (I think!) 🙂


  4. Joyce says:

    Great pics. I remember the Mammoth Restroom too, when there. 🙂 We had favorite sites there, also. My husband and I just got back this Tues. from the Grand Canyon, North Rim and Zion Nat’l Park, with friends. I posted pics and post on my blog and Facebook of some favorites. They are incredibly beautiful places to visit. We had been to the Grand Canyon South Rim years ago, but the North Rim is even prettier because of the forests, and pine and cedar trees.

  5. I would love to visit here again. What is funny is I live a few miles from a place called Mammoth Cold Springs. It is the largest cold spring in the U.S. or something. Not colorful like the hot ones though, but pretty. Not a national park either, but a state park. Thanks for liking my focus challenge photo.

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