Phoneography Challenge: Architecture (Cleveland Museum of Art)

Posted: August 25, 2013 in Art, Phoneography Challenge, Photos
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The world-class Cleveland Museum of Art opened in 1916 and has been serving the people of northeast Ohio ever since. The original neoclassic building of white Georgian marble has now been expanded by the addition of a thoroughly modern building plus renovation of the original building.

I have to admit that I like the older part of the building better, but the two disparate parts of the building seem to work well together. The museum’s outstanding collections are much better displayed now and best of all, the museum, with the exception of special exhibitions, is still free! If you’d like to read more about the museum, their website is here:  And if you’re in Cleveland, stop by.  You won’t be disappointed. None of the photos have been edited.

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The first photo is of the new atrium, which beautifully joins the old and new sections of the museum.


Here’s another example of the new and the old.


View of part of University Circle from the new section.


Sky view from part of the new section.


  1. Dear Janet,

    You can always come to KC and check out the Nelson-Atkins museum. 😉



  2. The first is my favorite, because it shows the enormous repository in comparison to the people. That juxtaposition is about human creativity and innovation, but also how tiny we are in the universe. Happy Phoneography Monday.

  3. vb holmes says:

    Great photos, Janet–can’t believe the museum is still free. A rarity, indeed.

  4. Angeline M says:

    I love all the glass and marble, so clean and such wonderful light. Museums are such a wonderful way to spend a day to relax, but also have a connection with creativity.

  5. that first picture, what a huge space, I imagine walking from the old to new or new to old building feels… grander because you see the full building draw up closer as you approach? It could be an interesting transition if a visitor looks up perhaps?

  6. I just learned a new word: phoneography! I am a phoneography addict. Great blog! I am from the area and enjoy the CMA too! Love your blog! Will follow you.

    • Hi, Cristina. I’m so glad you Ike the blog. Ifyou like to take phone photos, you should join our weekly (Monday is when you can post) challenge. You may click on the link in my post to get to one of the hosting blogs and get the details.

      As for CMA, it’s a great museum but sadly, I’m no longer in the area. Just completed a move to the Chicago area where they have a great art museum, but it is nowhere near free! I look forward to hearing from you again.


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