After Mammoth Hot Springs, we head toward our last stop–Old Faithful. It looks as though it’s going to rain, but fortunately it doesn’t. We’re tired when we get to Old Faithful, named in 1870 for erupting almost every hour and a half..faithfully. Oddly, Old Faithful was used as a washing machine that Sheridan’s men found cleaned cotton and linen, but ruined wool. 🙂 We sit on benches, glad for the break, waiting for the eruption. After it’s over, someone behinds us remarks (complains?) that it was 5 minutes early. We’re now ready to head back to the cabin, although we won’t arrive until 1:30 am, 3 1/2 hours short of a 24-hour trip, but well worth it.



There’s geothermal activity everywhere in Yellowstone.


In 1998, the forest fire that reseeded much of Yellowstone almost reached the historic lodge.



Old Faithful.



  1. Thanks for this wonderful photos. I love the stairs!

  2. de Wets Wild says:

    The “five minutes early” comment had me smiling… When we’re out in nature it’s the perfect excuse for forgetting about time entirely!

    Thank you for taking us along on your wonderous daytrip to Yellowstone!

  3. cquek says:

    great pictures, i love all your shots

  4. annesquared says:

    I’m enjoying the trip 🙂