Life cycle of a poppy

Posted: August 29, 2013 in Nature, Photos
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  1. StillWalks says:

    Beautiful sequence. I love poppies 🙂

  2. HappyFace313 says:

    Poppies are such amazing flowers – the way they open, it’s almost like when a tiny bird hatches from an egg 🙂
    Thank you for taking the time to photograph this poppy and showing us.
    Have a very HAPPY day 🙂

    • I have so many poppy pictures as the beauty and variety continually drew my attention and kept me opening the window or going outside to take “just one more photo.”

      My day will be extremely busy once more but at the end of it, the house (and 28 years of “stuff”), should be ready for the arrival of the movers tomorrow morning. Although that will make me a bit sad, it will also make me happy! I hope you have a wonderful day.


  3. taphian says:

    very good idea and good photos. If you like take a look at my poppy-photos

    • I’d love to…when I have a bit more time. The movers arrive tomorrow morning, so our day is going to be taken up by more packing and cleaning. Thanks for stopping by. I hope I may return the visit one day soon.


  4. I Am Jasmine Kyle says:

    The Poppy is my FAVORITE FLOWER !!! It was so nice to visit them again! They fade so fast you know.

  5. My French Heaven says:

    Beautiful! But you left out the next step: The transformation into opium 🙂 😉 Just kidding!

  6. mpejovic says:

    That’s a great idea! Poppies sure don’t last but they’re beautiful when in bloom.

    • When they were blooming beautifully, we got some rain that put an end to many of them. What a shame that was! But as you say, they’re beautiful while they last.


  7. Poppies. Poppies will make them sleep. Beautiful photos, Janet.



    • Don’t need poppies to make me sleep these days, Rochelle. And I think someone might have stolen my brain. Any ideas? (I can’t have any if I don’t have a brain.) 🙂


      • xpat92 says:

        Lovely shots and a very creative idea to follow the poppie’s through their short but sweet life.

      • I’m glad you enjoyed the photos. I’ve been planning to do this since the poppies bloomed but just hadn’t gotten around to it. Yesterday felt like the day for some bright, cheerful colors.


  8. Tom Poet says:

    Great picture Janet. Poppies that could get you arrested. LOL


    • Glad you like the pictures, Tom. Seems as if almost anything can get you arrested these days. There’s also a lot of development that’s been arrested. 🙂


  9. seeker says:

    I told a new gardener that it’s really easy to start poppies. She has the same poppy as in this picture and she wants to propagate. I checked on her at the end of the poppy season what she did with the heads. She proudly say she already buried them all. Imagine the whole head. Needless to say, we dug them all up and break the head open to release the seeds. I love poppies.

  10. Judy says:

    Re: Papaver orientale (Oriental Poppy) Zones 3-8.
    I am having problems getting seeds to sprout in Zone 9, Pasadena, TX. I just pulled a patch of weeds in my grass that I hoped might be be Poppies, but they did not have even tiny pods on top and seemed like tall wispy weeds; although, I have never seen these weeds come up in my grass until now. Maybe the seeds blew into the grass or rain moved them? I don’t know. Foilage does have jagged edges, which I know is a sign of Poppies. I realize I am out of the preferred zone, but this is the poppy I love and have in Boise, ID and would love to have them here in Pasadena, TX. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
    Thank you very much for the beautiful photos here on this website and any help you might offer!

    • Judy, I really wish I could help you!! Those poppies were in our garden when we lived in Ohio a number of years ago. I didn’t grow them from seed and I have no idea whether they will grow in Texas. My suggestion would be to find a good nursery near you and ask them. If these won’t grow, perhaps a different sort of poppy would. Again I’m sorry for the lack of help but appreciate you stopping by and commenting and I’m glad you like my photos as well, of course. Good luck! We’re living in Arizona now, which means another set of growing issues. 🙂