Here are a few quotes I like that I ran across recently in books I was reading.  The books were fiction, not non-fiction; mysteries, not classics or philosophy; demonstrating that there is wisdom to be found in many places.

I put my tape of Carrereas, Domingo, and Pavarotti into my machine and listened to Carrereas sing “Federico’s Lament.”  I don’t understand Italian, but the lament sounded like what I was feeling.  Then the other voices sang and after a while my self-pity was carried away and buried in that place where music sets us free.

 ~A Case of Vineyard Poison, Philip R. Craig

Friends come and go, Lewis, but the things you learn will always be yours, to use as you will.

~ Kissed a Sad Goodbye, Deborah Crombie

I was reminded of a statement in one of Rebecca West’s articles on modern reason.  She said, in effect, that in our highly sophisticated age there is almost no man who doesn’t know the difference between good and evil; that the frightening thing about this is the general preference for evil.

 ~The Evil that Men Do, Hugh Pentecost

  1. Great quotes that make me want to read the books (although the vineyard poisoning title intrigues me the most….).

    • The book, and all the books in the series, take place on Martha’s Vineyard, hence the Vineyard references. I enjoy them a lot but unfortunately, the author died not long ago. I hate it when that happens as all the characters dies as well, except in special cases where someone else takes over the series.

      Deborah Crombie is, thankfully, alive and well and still writing. Her mysteries take place in England. Here’s her website: Hugh Pentecost is a pen name for Judson Philips. This quote is from a book that feature hotel manager Pierre Chambrun and although they’re sometimes a bit dated in feel, I still enjoy them.


  2. That’s so true! I like the quote of Deborah Crombie.

  3. belocchio says:

    Great quotes are to be found everywhere. Good fiction is full of them. They are to be honoured and appreciated. And how about music. Beyonce sings “cause if you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it”. Virginia