Phoneography Challenge: Street photography; San Francisco reflections

Posted: September 24, 2013 in Phoneography Challenge, Photos, Travel
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When Oracle speaks, San Francisco listens…and even shuts downs of parts of streets.  But while my husband is wallowing in geek-dom, I’m enjoying myself on the streets of San Francisco…and in the teashops and bakeries and cheese shops and…   I started the morning with a leisurely breakfast of chocolate croissant and tea, then after a stop at our hotel, walked the mile down to the Ferry Building (with lots of photo stops) where I spent a long time wandering around looking at the goodies in the shops and sitting by the bay.  I took a few pictures during the day as well.  But on the way to the Bay, I was mesmerized by two windows in particular, both for what was inside and for the reflections.   Here are my unedited submissions for this week’s Phoneography Challenge.  As Sally likes to say, let me know which you like and why.  And if you’d like to see a bit of what we saw yesterday, on arrival and at Muir Woods among the majestic redwoods, check the previous post.  One thing’s for sure, I don’t have to worry about getting fat during this trip as I’m walking copious amounts every day!  So I’ll indulge.  🙂



  1. Janet — For whatever reason, your two SF urban shots are not visible.

  2. The city that stole my great is a glorious wonder. Like your set of images and will check out your captures of Muir Woods. Do see Andy Goldsworthy’s sculptures that are scattered around the city. Happy Phoneography Challenge.

  3. The first picture is just great. Do you have an idea how they built this dishes-pyramid?

  4. Great-looking windows, Janet! I also love the reflections. Is the sky really that blue? Pretty! I also love the red buses. What a scene! Keep on walking! T.

  5. Indeed San Francisco is such a quaint city that I can well imagine you enjoying on the streets as you slowly move towards Chinatown.


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