Walk along Grant Street in San Francisco’s China town and you’ll come to an alley that will take you on a trip from one culture to another (in more than one way) and from one time period to another.  At the other end of the alley is City Lights Books, established in 1953 and an icon of the Beat Generation.  As you walk along the alley, you will see paving stones with literary quotes and on the wall, beautiful, sometimes humorous, murals.  Take a trip down memory lane to a time when “beat” mean “beatnik”, not “Just beat it.”

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  1. I hope I can viisit SF one day. And when I come, then with flowers in my hands :o)

  2. Thanks for the photo walk. One day I’d like to go to SF 🙂

    • It’s a beautiful city, Madison. (See previous posts for more photos and more will be coming, I’m sure.) Expensive, though! We had perfect weather, too, making it even better.