The sweetness of gifts

Posted: October 3, 2013 in Food, Friends, Personal
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After we sold our house and moved in at the beginning of September, someone on Facebook mentioned that she would bringing over a pie if she were nearby. I joshed that no one had brought anything over, an all-too-usual scenario in this day and age. I did receive a few virtual pies, the main advantage of which was their lack of calories!

But two days ago, I received a surprise gift. The fact that I was getting something wasn’t a surprise, as I’d been told something was coming via the overnight mail, but what the gift would be was unknown, although I did know it was something to eat. I was told that once the box arrived, I would need some information about the contents. More intrigue!!

Overnight mail has to arrive by noon the following day or the sender gets his/her money back but by 11:30, there was still nothing. Finally, at 11:50, the doorbell rang and I signed for the package. I could tell immediately that something savory was inside, as the delicious aroma of garlic, onion and other flavors wafted to my nose. I hurried to the kitchen, slit the tape and pulled out two bags, each wrapped in plastic wrap that once opened, revealed a dozen of the largest bagels I’d ever seen. These were not just any bagels; they were New York bagels!

My information consisted of what types of bagels were enclosed and the best way to keep them. We’ve been enjoying them daily and will be able to for some time yet. But although they taste great, the best taste is the taste of the friendship and thoughtfulness that came along with them.



A gift that keeps on giving is what our somewhat odd, but nice, neighbor across the street gave us when he (unbeknownst to us), planted two tomato plants in our backyard. You read that right. He went into our yard at some point, planted two tomato plants, and didn’t inform us until much later. But whatever his foibles, he’s great at growing tomatoes. There are so many tomatoes on these two plants!   I’ve been making cream of tomato soup, and the base to freeze and we’ve eaten the tomatoes sliced and there are still tomatoes on the vine. (Here’s the soup recipe, which I posted last year).  As far as I’m concerned, he can come over and plant any time!  Hmmm, what would I like next year besides tomatoes??


  1. billgncs says:

    yes, those were tasty bagels!

  2. …why is the one on the right smiling 🙂

  3. What great surprises! 🙂

  4. hugmamma says:

    Heartwarming stories…especially in this time of seemingly great selfishness. 🙂

  5. Tom Poet says:

    That is New York attitude if you ask me…

  6. mpejovic says:

    I don’t know which gift is better, the bagels or the tomatoes!

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