May your Saturday be filled with sunshine, relaxation and lots of fish (or any two of three.)  🙂


  1. Lots of fish sounds excellent! (Though really my Saturday’s going to be filled with selling books.)

    • I need to be doing that as well, but until I get through my other boxes, the books stay safely where they are. It’s not going to be easy to try to get rid of some of them. Are you having a garage sale?


      • Well, not me personally – today is the town Book Festival (which started as the library book sale and mushroomed into one of those events that takes up the whole length of the main street, complete with various small publishers and assorted authors), and I spent all afternoon playing cashier for my church’s book sale. It was fun to see people actually buying books that I donated!

        (Oh, and as for trouble getting rid of them? It’s astonishing what people will buy. I think the real jaw-dropper for me was last year when someone paid perfectly good money – not much money, but still – for a couple of oldish statistics textbooks.) Anyway, good luck getting unpacked efficiently 🙂

  2. You can have my fish, but I’ll be thankful for sunshine and relaxation. Or maybe just relaxation, unless I find a way to take my computer outside. Looking forward to writing in a quiet house. Might even clean a little… maybe. 😉

    • You get to choose two out of three, so you can forgo the fish! Doesn’t look as though we’re going to have much sunshine today, but that’s OK. Rain is needed sometimes, too. Just so we don’t get a huge storm. Whatever you do, enjoy it!


  3. says:

    Thanks Janet.

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