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Posted: October 6, 2013 in Musings
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I’m re-reading another Philip R. Craig mystery, Death on a Vineyard Beach, and came upon this:

Fishing is good for the soul, and mine felt like it needed some TLC right at the moment.

My question for you is: what do you do when your soul needs some TLC?

I tend to (in no particular order): pray, read, make a pot of tea, go out for a walk (away from people if at all possible), clean something, get out in nature, have some chocolate, write, or look at something beautiful.  A combination of any of those things is even better.  Of course, a hug and a willing ear from my husband or a good friend are a big help,too.

What about you?  What heals your soul?  I’m asking because I’d like to know, so please leave a comment and let’s have a conversation.


  1. Pete says:

    If you go on my blog, you will see a post called Arbroath abbey, there is a room in there where they kept the towns lunatic in the 18th and 19th century. The room is sound proofed by 1ft thick wall and you cannot hear the sound of modern living, while in there all you hear is the sound of your breathing and your heart beating as the blood is forced around your body, the sound of silence hurts your ears. The room is cool and the same temperature all year round. I love to sit and listen to the silence, feel all my flustration slip away. I dont’t know why but it removes all my negativity and lives me energised. I do pray, I think about life, decide if I had taken the wrong turnings and if so how to get back and the right path. If you read aboyt the abbey, you may understand why I do it, there is a energy within those walls that heal me. 🙂

    • That must be an amazing experience. I’ve often noticed and remarked that even when it’s quiet, it really isn’t. I usually mean there are no mad-made noises, but even in the mountains there are noises of insects, birds, other animals, wind moving through the trees, etc. True, they’re a different sort of sound or noise, but they are still sounds. To have no sounds but those of your own body must be very different. Although I haven’t experienced that, I’ve been in a cave where once the lights were turned off, there was literally no other light. Usually as you stand in the dark, your eyes adjust. Here, there was no adjustment, only complete darkness. It was very disconcerting and not peaceful. I’m glad you have a place to go to center yourself. That’s a true blessing.


      • Pete says:

        Thank you, We all need a place to go, there is another place I go, its called Hunthill, mits 10 minute drive from where I live, the turn off for Hunthill looks like a turning to a farm, but if your in the know, Hunthill is a road 5 miles long which winds through Scotlands beautiful countryside, one minute in open moorland, next your high up looking down at the river, then your at its level, through forest and you reach the end of the road, you can now get out your car and have miles of footpath winding through hills and glens. Like you describe the sound of nature is all you can hear, the wind, rustle of the leaves and the gentle gurgle of the river. ahytime of year this place offers solus. As no tourists know about this place, its free from the scourge of the camera clicking, kids screaming, adults shouting “HEYYY!!! Walter shall we move here”cackle cackle cackle. Just take your photos, pick up your litter, stop shouting and go away. lol……leave my peace and quiet alone. 🙂

      • Sounds lovely. I was in Scotland for a very short while in the 70’s but still remember that it was lovely. Maybe I’ll get there again. Our younger daughter and I made it to Edinburgh on a trip to the UK more recently, but that’s city.


      • Pete says:

        Next time you come to Scotland, let me know and I will show you the real Scotland not the tourists traps and money pits. 🙂 You will be more then welcome 🙂

      • That would be a blast!

  2. cynthiamc1 says:

    For me, walking on the beach never fails, especially if it’s near a lighthouse.

    • If I can’t be in the mountains, the beach works very nicely and yes, a lighthouse is always good, too. 🙂 I like early morning, when few people are about and the energy of the day-to-come seems to be in the air.


  3. A walk in nature with my camera. It helps me focus on something other than my troubles.

  4. I cuddle my dog and tell him all my sorrows – hope his ears are big enough :o)

  5. I write, read, find a feel good movie and/or eat something rich and creamy. Love a book that gives you pause to think.

  6. What do I do when my soul needs TLC? Various things (probably like everybody else!) Walking in the woods helps, but it’s seldom possible. Chocolate helps, but I’ve had more than my share of chocolate for one lifetime, I’m afraid. Reading something really silly helps; that’s why I hang onto an assortment of stories that are pure fluff. (Bruised souls can’t deal with anything that brings you face to face with painful truths. Not when the pain’s fresh and severe.) Talking to someone I trust helps.

    And when things are at their very worst, none of those options is available. That’s far from being the only time I turn to prayer, but sometimes prayer is the only thing I have left to lean on. It’s always there. Thank God.

    • Thank God, indeed, Sharon. I don’t think I’ll ever have more than my share of chocolate, though. Watching something light and funny is good, too–Jeeves and Wooster, Psych, that sort of thing.


  7. Angeline M says:

    If my soul has taken a really hard hit, I find myself in a garden center amidst the plants and flowers almost as if transported there without my having had any part in getting there. If I’m near enough to the beach I sit there for as long as it takes. Nature seems to heal my soul.

  8. Figure skate, especially if I get lucky and have the ice to myself and can play whatever music I want. That’s the best! Getting out to watch birds is restorative, too. And sometimes talking to a friend is the thing.

  9. mpejovic says:

    For a quick pick-me-up, I’ll stand by a body of water and just watch the scenery. Water has a very peaceful effect on me. If I need more TLC after that, I’ll get some Dairy Queen or even better Baskin Robbins ice cream. And if I still need more after that, I’ll watch a movie (happy or sad) that will make me cry and then I’ll be much better. Talking with friends helps too, of course. 🙂

  10. I walk the dog, listen to music, or go get some much needed sleep… when I am being good. Usually I am not… so I go drink coffee and continue to be frazzled XD… but I like coffee 😛 sheesh I behave like a child!!! Have a good day and hope you are already at peace 🙂 Have a good week!

    • Behaving like a child (in the right ways) is very restorative, although I hope your children don’t drink coffee. 🙂 Have a good day and week yourself.