Another first Monday, so our photos today are from nature. Nature’s one of my favorite subjects, making it difficult to decide what photos to use. I went back a few summers to a day when I was meandering around the small lake near our house. It’s a wonderful place to get a bit of nature in the city but if I walk for exercise, I don’t take my iPad or camera because I stop too often. When I go for pictures, I know it will take some time to work my way around the lake.

I spotted the bird (probably a crane) and s/he was nice enough to stay put while I took some photos. The second photo is one of my favorites, my “Monet’s Lilies” picture. They’re both unedited and taken with my iPad.  I like the not-quite-sharp, slight muted quality of both the shots, although it wasn’t something I did intentionally.

A happy Monday to you!



  1. The second is my favorite with the soft coloration and reflections moving under the lily pads. Nicely done. Happy Phoneography Monday.

  2. Angeline M says:

    I love that shot of the bird/crane, standing back in the shade; there is a nice quality to that.
    When I go out for a walk for exercise, I too leave my camera at home, though I always have my phone with me, but try not to use it on cardio walk days.

    • I don’t have a smartphone yet, so the camera on my flip phone isn’t that great. My husband tells me to go get an iPhone, so I’ll check that one of these days. I really only want one for the camera. 🙂


  3. I love the water lilies
    Happy Monday!!!

  4. Nice capture of the bird/crane. I like how its framed by the trees. 🙂

  5. Lovely moody choices, I can feel the Summer!

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