Fall…a poem

Posted: October 8, 2013 in Nature, Poetry
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Fall swept into town today on the arm of October,
   their entourage of glitterati 
   wrapped in golds, greens and reds.
With a bow to Summer,
   she shook her tresses,
   sprinkling the ground with 
   richly-hued jewels,
   wet with Summer’s falling tears,
then blew away to somewhere else,
chill and wind left in her wake.


  1. Al says:

    I love that poem. It goes really well with the photo

  2. …wet with Summer’s falling tears…. that’s just great! Exactly what it is!

  3. Beautiful metaphors Janet.

  4. Well said Janet, with a great photo to illustrate!

  5. Dear Janet,

    Love the poem…nice imagery and feel to it. One note though: in the second line “their” is confusing. If Autumn is personified as feminine, shouldn’t it be “her entourage”?



  6. Very nice, Janet!

  7. Love the poem! I miss the fall colors (living in Florida). Beautiful.

    • Thanks so much, Linda. The fall colors are beautiful, that’s for sure. We only have the beginnings yet, but it will only get better. Thanks for stopping and commenting.


  8. Michael56j says:

    You can feel the cold in this one. {Shivers}

  9. Autumn is such a beautiful time of the year……

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