Some Saturday thoughts

Posted: October 15, 2013 in Musings, Personal
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I’m by nature a morning person who enjoys being up early.  But there are days, such as this morning, when I wish I could lie in bed for a time, that I could wake up, stretch, roll over and go back to sleep.  Just until 7am.  Is that asking too much?

 Evidently so.  Once my eyes open, my brain seem to think that license enough to begin racing around—the latest praise song for church, what I need/want to do today, how many people visited my blog last night and so forth.  I’m doomed and get up not much later.

 Today’s the day I’ve determined I’ll get back to doing my five-minute wake-up yoga routine.  My right shoulder protests that it hasn’t fully recovered from the flat-out fall I took in San Francisco (right by the Ferry Building in the sight of hundreds of people, none of whom rushed to assist me.)  My other parts indicate it’s been too long since I last tried to put them in position to mimic the lithe model in the photos, but I push just to that point where I can hold the stretch, yet feel it, and concentrate on my breathing and attempt to relax.

  Lying there, I notice the harbingers of fall:  the leaves at the top of the burning bush burning red, the leaves on the leggy bush glimpsed through the window flanking the fireplace dotted with yellow, trees with less leaves than a week ago.  I think that I should go to the farmers market, but I haven’t any more room in the refrigerator and I just found a good deal on acorn squash yesterday.  I think about making applesauce and miss Buster, my apple vendor back in Cleveland, with his half peck of seconds for $3.  I watch the sun-cloud mix turn into a sea of grey clouds on the west side of the house while the east side still thinks it will be sunny today.  The weather prognosticators don’t agree with the east side.

 I roll up my mat and begin to think of homemade granola topped with raspberries.   Saturday has arrived and there’s always something special about it.


  1. Sandra says:

    Good luck with the yoga; hope the shoulder mends quickly.

    • Thanks, Sandra. I started doing the yoga before we moved but haven’t been doing it for some time. I think I’ll try to get going with it again as it makes me feel good even when I can’t do the pose the whole way.


  2. LavendarLadi says:

    I love how that one branch is more eager to reach out to Autumn. ❤

  3. Joyce says:

    There are those times, often, when we just have to just stop a minute and look at the leaves (in this case) as the old cliche goes, ‘stop and smell the roses’. 🙂 When are in ‘bloom’ it is hard to ignore them.

  4. Those quiet mornings that start slowly, allowing for reflection both deep and light before rising, are the greatest sort of luxury. I loved this little insight into your beautiful autumnal contemplation.

  5. says:

    Catching up! Beautiful autumnal colors!