A flash (not fiction) from my past

Posted: October 19, 2013 in Memories, Personal
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I’ve been hauling boxes around a good part of this week, unpacking, repacking, setting things aside to donate, etc. In my efforts to make sure all the boxes are packed full so that when stacked the contents don’t get smashed, I’ve been going through some of them. Diving into one of my boxes of memorabilia today, I came across some old photos of me. Perhaps you’ll find them enjoyable. I know I did. Lots of good memories.

Top left, B&W: That’s me on the left in my space alien costume for Halloween when teaching at Lutheran East High School in Cleveland, Ohio. I wasn’t all that much older than the seniors. 🙂

Right side with hat: I think that was my senior year in high school, sans my glasses.

Bottom left: My ski pass from Steamboat Springs, Colorado the second of two years I worked there after college graduation and the year before I went to grad school to get my Masters.  Can’t tell if that’s before my nose was broken in an accident where I could easily have died.  It still looks pretty straight!  🙂


  1. Sandra says:

    Great photos Janet; thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks, Sandra. Just a bit of fun for the weekend. I found them while going through a box of “stuff” and they, as well as the ones of the girls when they were little and others of Bill and me, brought smiles to my face.


  2. billgncs says:

    like, like like!

  3. The photos are great! I love the one with the hat. I like hats very much but I never was brave enough to wear one ( my head is more egg-shaped)

  4. Dear Janet,

    I thoroughly enjoyed your blast from the past. (Pretty lady). Brings back memories of my own past.



    • It was fun finding the pictures, Rochelle. I have a huge box filled with family photos and one filled with family photos from my parents’ families and earlier relatives of ours. Great stuff!


  5. vastlycurious.com says:

    Loved the memories and you in your grand hat! I think I still have mine tucked away somewhere!

  6. I enjoyed your flash from the past 🙂 It’s so hard for me to pack/unpack because I like to read and look at everything before it goes into our out of boxes.

    • Madison, I didn’t have time to do much before we moved except pack as we had one week to pack our entire house. At this end, I’m trying to go through things as I have more time.


  7. How fun! I think the best part of moving may just be the chance to re-discover things that have been packed away for too long. 😉

    • True. Sometimes they’re things I love finding again and sometimes it becomes obvious that I could get rid of them because I haven’t used them for years and didn’t even miss them. 🙂


  8. Is it okay to comment that you are quite beautiful in those photos?
    I think so, anyway.

  9. Memories are the smile and tears that make us feel good and nostalgic.