I like knowing you

Posted: October 26, 2013 in Memories, Personal, Poetry
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This is another poem from “back in the day”, way back, in fact.   I hope you like it.  It’s not the best poem I ever wrote, but the feelings are what were important and I think I caught those.

I like you.
I like knowing you    
    (not biblically.)
I don’t like everything you do,
    you don’t like some things I don’t do.
But I like you, the person, very much.
I like
    your smile
    seeing your look-alike in a TV movie
    your honesty
    knowing you watch me when I’m not looking
    your consideration
    when you’re a little shy
    often when you’re not
    talking with you
    having a beer with you
    kissing you and getting the bruise you gave me
holding you while you sleep on the couch
    during a football game.
  1. Danny James says:

    I don’t know why but that poem makes me feel comfortable.


    • Danny, I’m glad. It grew from a feeling of being comfortable with someone so I’m very happy that came through so strongly.


      • Danny James says:

        It is nice when your posts come through as intended. The opposite, as you know, can occur. I wrote one last week and received a lot of nice comments but not one got the main point I was getting at. Perhaps I hid it too well.


  2. Shannon says:

    I don’t know…that poem makes me UNcomfortable 😉

  3. silent kim says:

    Sweet. The feelings do come through.

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