The words “thankful” and “gratitude”  have popped up in my life quite often over the last weeks.  Not long ago, I mentioned that in one of my online groups, every Thursday is Thankful Thursday, a day when we lists things or people for which we are thankful.  On her blog, another friend is encouraging her readers to list one thing each day for which they’re grateful.  Finally, a few days ago, an online friend posted this saying:

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.

Are you seeing a trend here?

These days it seems we’re either buttoned-up about our good feelings or over-flowing with negativity in the realms of politics and other things.  Let’s flip that on its pointed little head and let feelings of gratitude overflow, overwhelming those around us, lifting them on the tide of our thankfulness.  Don’t you feel good when someone says “Thank you” for something, tells you how great you look or that they appreciate something you did for them?  Why not let them feel the same thing?  Look for good things and get the gratitude groove going.  Pass it on!  It’s not that hard.  With Thanksgiving coming, it’s the perfect time.

Let me get you started.

I’m thankful this weekend to go to a writer’s conference with people I’ve met through my Friday Fictioneers writing, one of whom has become a never-met-in-person friend.  That will change tonight.  I’ll get to meet other people I know through the power of the internet to add to three people I’ve already met in person because of the internet and blogging. I’m working on meeting even more internet acquaintances.

I’m grateful to have internet and to be able to blog.  How else would I have met you?  I’m grateful that you take the time to visit my blog, “like” and comment and I like being able to learn more about you through your blogs.

I’m really thankful to be back in the same place as my husband after too many years of being apart and trying to commute back and forth.  I’m grateful we made it through those times and looking forward to a new stage of our life together.  I’m also thankful for our daughters, lovely young women.

I’m thankful for books, for wonderful food, for a nearby microbrewery, for making new friends at church and being able to sing with the praise team, for being able to go to Wyoming each summer, for horses and the beauty of nature,  to have an iPad to take photos and….

You get the idea.

Quickly!  Name one thing for which you’re thankful right now.  There.  That wasn’t difficult, was it?  Don’t you feel at least a tiny bit better?  Even at the worst time of your life, there’s always at least one small thing for which you feel thankful.  If you start listing the good things in your life, even if small, I defy you to stay gloomy or in a bad mood.

I challenge you to take time today, and each day, to be grateful for one thing and to voice that thanks and gratitude.  You’ll find your life takes a much more positive direction when you take time to be thankful.  If you’re a Christian, you already know where to direct that gratitude. And if, in addition, you voice that thanks to a person, you’ll enrich another life, as well.

It is only with gratitude that life becomes rich.
~Dietrich Bonhoeffer


  1. I hope you have a fantastic time at the writer’s conference. 🙂

  2. menomama3 says:

    I’m grateful I read your blog today! Thank you.

  3. I started with five things to thank you for each night, as a spiritual exercise.
    As time went by the lists grew, and now, I go to sleep still listing the endless things to be grateful for, from my warm bed, the rain, the calves in the field, each friend and each family member, the strawberries….
    much better than counting sheep !

  4. silentkim says:

    I have a FB friend who posted daily 30 days of gratitude. She was thankful for ants that hauled the crumbs off her floor to the beautiful sun rising. You are so right there is always something to be thankful for. I live with someone who barks orders and hardly says please or thank you. I had stop taking it personal and accept that it’s their short comming. Therefore making me thankful that I’m a better person to rise above. I’m reading this late I hope you enjoyed meeting your virtual friends live and in person. 🙂

    • There is much for which to be thankful. I’m thankful I’ve had a great time meeting people and learning a bit more about writing. Another couple days and I should be back on schedule. 🙂


  5. having lost my sight for 24 hours about a dozen years ago, i always – immediately- remember to be grateful for sight. then for the ability to see in color..then for the ability to walk, as my nephew broke his back and inspires me every day of my life.. after remembering those, i am all but levitating after that, and i happily think of many many other reasons to be thankful…

    thank you for reminding us to be thankful!

  6. Although Thanksgiving is a good reminder to be grateful and to express it, I find that random moments of gratitude like this tend to be more genuine. Such lovely sentiments; no matter how terrible things are, there’s still plenty to be thankful for. Or, as I tend to say a bit more cynically, it could always be worse…

    • The trouble with Thanksgiving is that it “comes but once a year.” I think it’s good for us to be mindfully thankful each and every day. Makes us feel better and that makes us easier to be around. 🙂