Thursday thought…a home library

Posted: December 19, 2013 in Miscellaneous
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A little library, growing larger every year, is an honourable part of a man’s history.  It is a man’s duty to have books.  A library is not a luxury, but one of the necessaries of life. 

~Henry Ward Beecher

  1. Amazing. I just took a break from my book and was contemplating our book collection, and you provide a most apt quotation. I feel the same way. Books/libraries are a necessity.

    • Mr. Beecher would think I’d done my duty well…although my husband may think I’ve overdone it. 🙂 When we moved a few months ago, the movers kept saying, “You have a lot of books!” Now if I just had a room for a library!


  2. Amy says:

    Thank you for supporting the library, Janet!

  3. Joe Owens says:

    Janet this was such an important portion of the recent mission trip I made to Belize. Along with 600 books we brought with us, we used the skills God gave us to build the book shelves necessary to change an empty square space into a usable library. Now the children served by this tutor center will have access to books they otherwise would be without.

    • Wonderful, Joe! I remember when I was growing up, my mom was teaching “on the other side of the tracks” in Omaha, where some children didn’t even own a book. Heartbreaking. I gave her some of my Scholastic books to give away since I couldn’t imagine a home without books.


      • Joe Owens says:

        Many of the books I collected were Scholastic books also. I have everything from primary titles to chapter books. I think they will be covered pretty well.

  4. I love libraries and I miss the smell of the books. As I was a child I thought I could inhale all the wisdom of the books around me :o)

  5. I like the idea, but we’ve hit the point – actually, we hit it years ago! – where the library needs to shrink a little every year. (You know you’ve gone too far when there are bookshelves in almost every room, and you still need to pile some of the books on the floor.)

  6. says:

    No ebooks- real hardbound, magnificent books! I still have 250 +/- books after the cull.

    • If I only had 250 books, my husband would be thrilled. 🙂 I do have a Kindle and love it for the ability to take all those books with me when I travel, especially on the plane. I love to read whatever the method.

      Merry Christmas!


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