Phoneography Challenge: Whoops!

Posted: December 28, 2013 in Phoneography Challenge, Travel
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Today is one of the elusive fifth Mondays; hence, another opportunity for challenger’s choice. My photos are a combination of travel and architecture, taken during our trip to Provence and Normandy in 2011. What no doubt seems ordinary to the people of Provence appears beautiful to me–the lovely colors, the practical shutters, winding streets, flowers, the copious use of stone. Combine these with good weather, great markets and fabulous food and, in our case, time with family and you have a vacation that’s hard to beat. The first is one of my favorites of all the photos I took, but please weigh in and let me know your favorite and why.  Other entries are here.

P.S.  Full disclosure time.  I’m doing one of my epic driving trips (Chicago to Akron, Ohio on Sunday afternoon, Akron to Philly and back as far as possible on Monday, back to Chicago on Tuesday.  Virtually no internet time, so I prepared this post on Saturday….before we spent all afternoon looking at, then buying, a new Toyota Sienna.  Just as I was about to drop off to sleep, I realized both the photos were taken before I had my iPad, taken with a, gasp, small digital camera!!  But alas, I have no time to do another post for several days, so I’m throwing myself on the mercy of the Phoneography group and my readers to present these as photos I love that were NOT taken by phone of iThingy.  If this is the worst thing I do for the rest of 2013, I’m in good shape.  🙂  And thanks for understanding.  At some point on Monday, I’ll get some internet, set up a pingback and post this non-entry.



  1. Oh, I’ll forgive you, but just this once. Congratulations on a new car. Will see you next year for the Phoneography Challenge. Wish you days of joy ahead in the new year.

  2. Angeline M says:

    I love them both, Janet. I do think the first one has captured my heart though. There is just something about it that is captivating to me.
    Happy New Year!

    • I love that one, too. It’s something about the combination of color and architecture that captures me, I think. Anyway, happy 2014 to you and thanks for dropping by, even though I wasn’t home at the time. 🙂


  3. FireBonnet says:

    I know exactly how this happens! I’ve done the same thing, gotten a post ready and then realized this one was a camera and not a phone! I take lots of shots with both when I’m in a serious photography mood. Lovely captures regardless of the camera!

  4. Amy says:

    Love both photos, especially the narrow curved alley! Happy 2014 to you and yours, Janet!

  5. Lovely photos, no matter whether camera or phone.

  6. Mustang.Koji says:

    Lol. Since I am new to your blog, I finally figured out what phoneography is. Still, lovely pastels. I took my 16 year old daughter on a trip to France in 1999 – you know, a father-daughter bonding thing. I wish I could have spent more time at Normandy. Did you spend time there, beach, town or otherwise?

    • We stayed at a B&B not too far from Omaha Beach. The husband was a WWII expert and took us the first day on the most amazing ten-hour tour of Omaha Beach and the American area. The next day we visited Omaha Beach and the museum as well as other areas and the third day we went on another tour of the British and Canadian areas. So we were all over in that area. It was wonderful!

      As for phoneography, it’s simply taking photo with phones (originally just iPhones but now any) or any iThingy as I like to call it. I often use my iPad. Tomorrow’s another Phoneography Challenge. It’s always fun.

      Thanks for visiting. I hope to visit you again and feel free to stop by any time here.


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