Just an ordinary, snowy day

Posted: January 2, 2014 in Family, House and home, Nature, Personal
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Not much going on in our neck of the woods except for snow falling gently throughout the entire day and into the dark of the afternoon.  We got in early this morning from a small, enjoyable New Years Eve party and are both a bit sleepy.  Watching some football, doing a few things around the house, Bill shoveled, snow, then took a bike ride in the 6″+ of snow.  He’s recovering by taking a nap.  🙂  Good New Years Day stuff.  I’m catching up a bit on posts, email and Facebook and haven’t been out of the house all day.  All we lack is a fire in the fireplace.  Nice to just relax.  Bill put several small bottle of champers out in the snow to cool and we’re ready for a lovely evening.  Here are a few pictures from the confines of the house.

photo 2(16)


photo 3(16)

photo 1(17)

  1. so very different from the 37C we had today!!

  2. Dear Janet,

    Lovely pictures. Our biggest issue isn’t so much the snow as it is the cold. 3º F this morning. Might get all the way up to 19º today. A good day to be home-bound and working on my novel.



    • 14 here now and feels like -2 with a high of 19 today. I feel your cold. 🙂 But at least you could enjoy our snow from the comfort of your own study. Get lots done!

      who needs to eat and then get to work herself

  3. Nice to hear Bill returned safely. It sounds like you guys have cozy evening ahead. Snow just started. Big snow’s not due until this evening.

    • Bill just took a bike ride around the lake. There was snow, but he’s used to riding in that and was careful. We had a lovely evening and a great day yesterday. Be safe with your snow and enjoy your day. It’s seems like Monday to me since Bill was off yesterday!

  4. The snow is beautiful, but after my 12 years in Colorado I don’t miss the snow. Hope you stay warm and enjoy

    • There are pros and cons, of course, as with everywhere. But since I’m where we get snow, I’ll enjoy it with all my might. I grew up in Nebraska, lived in Colorado for a few years, then Cleveland, now the Chicago area. So I’m in snow country. I’m glad you guys are enjoying the warmth. You can look and still stay warm. 🙂


  5. My French Heaven says:

    You’ll neighborhood is so lovely! I miss snow so much!

  6. M. R. says:

    Looks bloody WONDERFUL to this Aussie!

    • It is wonderful in many ways, Margaret, although, as with most other things, moderation is a good thing. I lived for several years in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, a ski resort, and in places like that, no snow means businesses close and people lose their jobs. I especially love having snow at Christmas and if you know how to drive in it and are careful, you’ll usually be fine.

      Hope 2014’s off to a good start for you.


  7. Bams Triwoko says:

    Nice post, Janet… Happy New Year… 🙂
    – There’s no snow in my country… 😦 –

  8. vastlycurious.com says:

    Love your burgeoning grapes Janet in contrast to the snow! Happy New Year !

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