The predator

Posted: January 7, 2014 in Writing
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The howling wind prowls outside the house tonight, maliciously rearranging the snow into drifts as it seeks weak spots for entry.  Balked by thick curtains (shaken, not stirred) it insinuates its cold breath into cracks and crevices.  Lying warmly swathed by blankets, I listen to its periodic, frustrated shrieks as it bangs against anything even a bit loose.

Earlier in the day, the wind grabbed the exhaust from the dryer, turning it into billows of steam, flinging it in all direction and lending a ghostly appearance to a nearby bush.  With the proper ominous music, it would seem the perfect setting for a horror movie. But sans music, I curl contentedly under my pile of covers, set my book aside and fall instantly asleep.

  1. I agree, that music is perfect to watch a scary movie. I like the sound of the wind very much, but it’s a bittersweet pleasure when we discover the damage the next morning.

  2. You created perfect visuals.

  3. Jim Kane says:

    Well said and currently is being experienced here in Indiana as well!



    • Jim, I read that it’s quite bad some places there. Here in the Chicago suburbs it’s been frigid and we probably have about 16+’ of snow. I’ve had plenty to do in the house, so I just stayed in yesterday and may or may not go out today. Having power is a blessing! Stay warm and be safe.


  4. Keep that predator out, Janet, and stay warm and safe. I do hope the cold will abate soon!

  5. Amy says:

    Stay warm… It was 26 F here in Texas this morning, we shouldn’t complain…

  6. says:

    Such a luxury to take a cozy nap !

  7. Well, well-written!
    The wind has been a huge figure in this week. I understand.

    • Thanks, Scott. Temperatures of -17 are bad enough without wind added on. Fortunately, the temperatures have risen and the winds abated, so my flight to Arizona was pretty much on time.