Through a glass, sparkly

Posted: January 11, 2014 in Nature, Photos
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The polar vortex brought its artistic side into play on our outside front door on Tuesday. Its creation is reminiscent of etched glass but it won’t last as long.  For now, though, it’s beautiful.





  1. aloha Janet. i find i am always excited when i see this kind of ice patterning develop. very cool. . . . i mean. . . . fun. as i know it has been extremely cold. . . aloha.

  2. Marso says:

    I was hoping to see such cold-winter windows!! Subtle, natural, abstract, fleeting beauty!

  3. Ye Pirate says:

    Yup, looks like the temperature’s just right!

  4. Amy says:

    Amazing! Beautiful artwork from nature 🙂

  5. mpejovic says:

    Love those ice crystals forming on the windows.

  6. Absolutely beautiful… and chilling! I’m cold just looking at it. 🙂
    Have a great day!

  7. Reblogged this on Busy Mind Thinking and commented:
    This is beautiful! Have you met Janet? Her site offers such variety…please stop by and say hi to her. Janet is also part of the charity… 2 wheels 2 kids, that touched our families lives this Christmas just past.

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