Coffee, tea and Cafe Milagro

Posted: February 16, 2014 in Food, Travel
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It’s always good to find a place where the locals hang out, where there are good food and drinks. In the Quepos area, that place, the third place, is Cafe Milagro.

“Cafe Milagro is a small, independently owned and operated Costa Rican coffee roaster.
Based in Costa Rica, we are your direct source for premium, single origin, estate grown, micro milled coffees.”

The guidebook I read raved about Cafe Milagro more than once and we’d spotted it when we arrived Sunday evening.  So after a relaxing morning at the beach, we braved the heat (about 90), high humidity and steep terrain to make our sweaty way to the cafe.


All restaurants in the area are open which sounds cool, but in the heat, with no breeze, they’re anything but.  That put cool drinks at the top of our agenda. Shannon chose an iced coffee drink, which was good, but I scooped the pool with my drink of lime with mint. It was incredibly refreshing and good for me, too. Can’t beat that.


On Wednesday morning, after our day of horseback riding and catamaran sunset tour, we had a morning off. We decided that was the perfect time to have breakfast somewhere other than our restaurant, although the food there was good. At Cafe Milagro, the decision about what to choose was tough, but we both went with mango crepes with berry sauce and shared a plate of fresh fruit.  The crepes were bursting with mango and the fruit was fresh and refreshing.




On our final morning, before heading back to San Jose, we went back one last time, this time for lunch. We decided to share the two entrees that sounded best: fish tacos and vegetarian quesadillas. The fish, caught locally, was fresh and tasty. In fact, both entrees tasted as good as they look here.



Besides food, drinks, both alcoholic and non, a gift shop and live music every evening, Cafe Milagro offers locally roasted coffee. Costa Rican coffee is considered by many to be the best in the world and if the aroma that came through the pin-sized hole is anything by which to judge, the taste must be amazing.

When traveling with someone, take large doses of patience and tolerance with your morning coffee. 
~Helen Hayes
Good communications is just as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after.
~Anne Morrow Lindbergh
  1. M. R. says:

    Delightful story/imagery for your last Costa Rican post, Janet! This has given me reason to drop an email to my coffee supplier here in Sydney, asking her about Costa Rican beans. Currently I’m sent a kilo of beans approx. monthly that are a choice between four (we tried out about 20!); but because of you I may have to let her send me what she recommends, once more!
    Can you tell me why Kathryn is going to be MIA …?

    • M.R., it’s not my last Costa Rican post by any means. But it was one that was easy to get ready on a day when we were traveling. I’m still going to write about the tour of the vanilla plantation, but that takes much more typing which is infinitely easier to do on my laptop vs my iPad or, worse yet, iPhone. I also have to report on the tour through the rain forest and all the cool animals we saw there and probably another post or two. 🙂 I read that the coffee in CR isn’t that great but what they export is wonderful. It’s not a wealthy country, so perhaps it works out better economically that way.

      You mentioned Kathryn before but I’m not sure who you mean, so I don’t know.


      • M. R. says:

        From somewhere I got the impression that your holiday was only a week. DO NOT ASK HOW THIS HAPPENED: there is no explaining the vagaries of my mind as senility creeps on apace. Sighh ..
        I’m now TOTALLY confounded about Kathryn, whose blog is Vastly Curious. This is one that even I couldn’t have got so wrong, I would’ve hoped … I’m could swear she told me you ordered her to visit my blog … :-\

      • OK, things become clearer. First, regarding vacation–yes, we’re back home as of last night. But I have lots more post about CR. As for Katheryn, yes, now I know who you mean. You’re not losing your mind–at least on that score. 🙂

      • M. R. says:

        What a lot of confusion, eh?
        Must be me.

  2. menomama3 says:

    Wow. Sharing with friends on Facebook. For those of us enduring Polar Vortex round 4, this will come as a welcome respite. So wishing I was there!

    • Thanks for sharing! I’m happy to have anyone along for the trip and there will be more posts coming. It was a great break from the cold and dry air. I was so happy not to have my hair standing out from static electricity! But it was pretty hot and humid.


  3. writeamy says:

    So colorful. I think I’d stop there as well. The food looked amazing!

  4. I love your photos, Janet. The colours of Costa Rica are magnificent.

    • Thanks very much, Karen. Costa Rica is a beautiful place and we thoroughly enjoyed our first trip there. I have more posts coming up, too. You’re right about the colors, although green is the predominant one.


  5. Now, I could wrap my hands around that food. I hope you were eating for the both of us.

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