Friday Fictioneers: Harvest

Posted: February 19, 2014 in Friday Fictioneers
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Whether your preference is for reading or writing (or both), Friday Fictioneers offers you an opportunity to enjoy yourself.  Respond to the photo prompt in 100 words and you’re a writer.  Read my story and click on the link at the very end to find links to stories by other authors and you’re a reader and critic.  Do both and double your fun.  But beware!  Participation is highly addictive!

Copyright David Stewart

Copyright David Stewart

The Missing Link

The pain announces it’s time. I grasp the bell rope, memories welling up.

The child…
…holding warm, brown eggs
…riding on Carlo, the big farm dog
…running to dinner when Grandma rang the bell
…”driving” the tractor, Grandpa working the pedals my feet couldn’t reach

The young adult…
…Grandma and Grandpa gone
…college, travel, life
…strangers farming our land
…a “For Sale” sign

The two of us…
…loving the land
…leaving secure jobs
…moving home
…reclaiming the land

I joyfully pull the bell, letting Rob know it’s time; time for the harvest; time for the new family member.

  1. Joe Owens says:

    Ooh Janet, I loved this. There is nothing like the familiar feel of a real home. One that generations have built with their memories. Notice the difference I intend about a house and a home.

  2. claireful says:

    Really lovely Janet. And the cycle starting all over again.

    • Thanks, Claire. Perhaps this time the cycle won’t take them away from the land at all. The child part of this is based on my experiences on my grandparents farm in Nebraska. My grandfather told my dad that farming was to difficult, to do something else. Dad became an accountant, which worked well. The land is still in our family, although we don’t personally farm it. I’m encouraged by the number of young people going back to the land, growing organic food, etc.


  3. It takes a special breed to be a farmer. You have to love it.

  4. Honie Briggs says:

    What a special life you have described. Simply beautiful, Janet.

  5. great story… as a farm wife, I understand the connections of generations of families to the land… this tells a great story. Nice job.

    • That compliment means a lot coming from someone who’s living on the land. Although we don’t farm, I have much respect for those who do and we care deeply about the land.


  6. Helena Hann-Basquiat says:

    An interesting look at the stages of life, connected by the bell.

  7. wmqcolby says:

    Very … “Amish” sounding, in a way. Good structure and narrative. Has the ring of a song to it.

  8. znjavid says:

    This is a beautiful story.

  9. vbholmes says:

    A lovely, nostalgic story, Janet, and warmheartedly told. Nice to hear your grandparents’ land is still in your family–perhaps your story will be lived by one of their descendants.

  10. This is wonderful, Janet! 🙂

  11. atrm61 says:

    This is sweet Janet-,to go back to one’s roots and start again:-)And I just loved that last line-such beautiful reason to ring that bell 🙂

  12. Oh so good… and I’m happy it went full circle… actually some similarities to my very first story I wrote for Visual Dare…

    The list is a very powerful method to convey a story.. I like that a lot.

  13. storydivamg says:

    This brings back so many memories from my great grandfather’s farm. I love that your character returned to raise her own family there. Beautiful.

    Marie Gail

    • Marie, I have wonderful memories from my grandparents’ farm, too. It was fun to share some of them and then embellish the rest to make a story. I did a post once on some of my memories of the farm and really enjoyed putting it together.


  14. K.Z. says:

    a very beautiful story. in 100 words, i caught a glimpse of a person’s life–the joys, the trials, and i’m very happy with the ending 🙂

  15. Great story. It’s full of the warmth of family. I see how it’s somewhat like mine, yet different also.

  16. Dear Janet,

    This story made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Seriously well done. Nice to have you back in the saddle.



  17. Horus says:

    Really loved the coating of hope and homecoming! Touched my desire of reclaiming our old home one day ! 😀

  18. Gray Dawster says:

    This is a great posting with some
    interesting pictures 🙂 Have a fun day…


  19. I love the form you use to cover the sweep of generations, Janet. A truly lovely and well-written piece.

  20. plaridel says:

    the bell bearing witness…. this gave me an idea for my story.

  21. Wow, I really thought she was going to hang herself with the bell rope… that first line really threw me off. Love the memories and cycle of events.

  22. Bryan Ens says:

    full circle. Beautifully written

  23. JackieP says:

    Our stories are very close aren’t they? Different enough, though along the same vein. I liked it! For some reason as soon as I saw the bell that’s what came to mind. Glad I was in good company. 🙂

  24. Amy Reese says:

    The bell represents a lost time for me, a returning to the old. You captured the passing of time, past to present really nice here. Beautiful, Janet!

  25. Jan Brown says:

    Very beatiful, a story filled with love.

  26. I really enjoyed this, Janet. When I started to read, I thought it was heading towards a sad ending. I’m so pleased it heralded a new beginning. 😀

  27. So lovely Janet. I love how you’ve used the bell is the symbol of continuity as the cycle of life repeat itself in the birth of a new generation… and also how you’ve referred to the new birth as a harvest, of everything that has come before…

    • Good morning, Nina. How lovely to read your comment as one of today’s first. I’m always glad when a story works for the reader in the way I hoped it would. Enjoy your Friday.


  28. Janet,
    this is so close to my brother-in-laws experience in some ways. He and his wife left corporate jobs in the city to move to the country when they inherited a farm from his wife’s family. Now they have 4 kids and are full-time farmers. Beautiful, touching story.

  29. Ow, this is beautiful, Janet. 🙂

  30. The Good News says:

    Oh, I love, love, love your story. So sweet and moving.

  31. Very nice Janet. Full of emotions.

  32. hugmamma says:

    Beautiful rendering of a sweet life…full of hard work…and rewards.

  33. Lovely happy story. Rings my bell!

    • Nothing quite like having your bell rung…and right before the weekend, too. My husband played rugby for many years and most of them had had their bells rung any number of times!


  34. rgayer55 says:

    I’m forth generation on this homestead and my son and his family live on it too. You can’t make a living on less than 100 acres anymore, but at least you can grow much of your own food. I can relate to the dinner bell. Nice story, Janet.

  35. Nan Falkner says:

    So powerful and strong – the story is wonderful. Thanks for writing such a good story and with a million memories embedded. Well written and absolutely Awesome! Nan

  36. Sun says:

    i enjoyed the style you chose to present your story, also the theme of a family farm. hopefully small farmers can stay around for a long time.

  37. Lovely. The simplicity of the piece touched me, and besides, I’m a sucker for happy endings like this…. happy beginnings rather to a new story 🙂

  38. Sarah Ann says:

    I love the way you cram so much story into this – very clever, and a lovely uplifting story.

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