Phoneography Challenge: Nature…around two lakes

Posted: March 3, 2014 in Nature, Phoneography Challenge
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Welcome to March and the excitement of spring in our hopefully not-too-distant future!  In our family it’s also birthday month, time for celebrations of both nature and family.  Outside, though, winter still laughs, wags its finger at our anticipation of spring and reminds us it might have a few tricks left up its snowy, chilly sleeve.  During a time when white is often the predominant color, a look back (or ahead) at past springs when color rules makes a good way to start the week.  “Nature” is the theme for the first Phoneography Monday of the month, so click on the link to find all the entries or to participate.

Walks around the lake
Lead us to discoveries
Time for holding hands

Around the lake near our house

Around the lake near our house                   (Boost from Picasa)

A misty morning on the lake outside our daughter's house

A misty morning on the lake outside our daughter’s house       (Vignette from Picasa)

Around the lake near our house

Around the lake near our house                  (Boost from Picasa)

  1. Your poem adds an element of joy to the images. It’s hard to choose between one and two–each having qualities that make me look closer. But I’ll go with the mystical scene. Lovely. Happy Phoneography Challenge.

    • Thanks, Sally. The second has such a different feel from the other two that it probably just depends on the mood when you view them. Thanks for stopping by on your Monday morning.


  2. These are stunning!

  3. The Good News says:

    You have such a gorgeous eye! I like them all, but the one n the middle inspires me to write about deep, meaningful, emotions. It’s stunning. Your poem fits perfectly.

    • Thanks so much! I really appreciate all of that. If you want to write something based on the photo, you’re welcome to use it with a link back to my post.

      Have a marvelous Monday.


  4. Angeline M says:

    So here I go to throw off the count. I love the yellows and greens and browns of the first photo (though the second photo has its own beauty). The colors are warm and embracing.

    • That’s perfectly fine, Angeline. I like them all or else I wouldn’t have posted them. As I mentioned to Sally, the middle one has a very different feel from the other two, so it’s difficult to compare. I love the first one for its color, too.

      Enjoy your day.


  5. The Morning Mist captures my imagination. I want to dive in and swim around. But I’m sure its’ too cold.

  6. These are all lovely Janet, roll on spring…I can’t wait!!! 🙂

  7. viveka says:

    Welcome to March, yourself …. this is the months we turn the clock backwards to get longer dayligth … great photos again, my pick is the misty morning, even if I love sunflowers.

    • We turn clocks ahead this Sunday (or Saturday night for most of us)–spring ahead, fall back. I would think you do, too. I love that it’s staying light longer. If there were more light in winter, I’d like it even more. 🙂


      • viveka says:

        No, I think we do it in the end of the month … have to check. 31 of March Europe does it.
        We had a very dark winter, because of nearly no snow and no sunshine for nearly 3 months .. a couple of hours per week if lucky … maybe 2-3 days in total per months. Terrible ! Still have my Christmas lights up in my living room window to bright up my mornings and evenings.

  8. Archita says:

    Three different versions of the same nature. So versatile and so beautiful! Loved them.:)

  9. says:

    The misty morning is just wonderful Janet!