Change your perspective and things look different.  One perspective may be true; the other, false.  This is true in life as well as in photos, although photos are (hopefully) easier to manipulate.  When you first meet someone, they appear one way.  When you get to know them, you may need to change your perspective.  When you view something from close up, you may miss the bigger picture; from far away, you miss the details.

Here are two sets of photos that illustrate the deception possible in perspective, at least the photographic type.

View from the window

View from the window

View from a window...via a mirror

View from a window…via a mirror

Your guess?

Your guess?

A coat rack made from a piece of wood

A coat rack made from a piece of wood

  1. Sandra says:

    Great interpretation!

  2. M. R. says:

    What amazing colour in that wood, Janet!!

    • It’s a beautiful piece, M.R., and especially treasured as my parents noted while we were all in Cody, Wyoming that I liked it. They bought it and kept it until the next summer to give me!! It’s very unusual, too, as it has horseshoes as the base.


  3. M. R. says:

    Do you by any chance know what tree it comes from?

  4. Amy says:

    A coat rack!! Brilliant take on, Janet!

  5. I like how views through windows add so many dimensions to a picture. I would have guessed Carmel not coat rack fun!

  6. says:

    Loved the tactile quality of the wood but I was just so absorbed by your first shots! Triple perspective! Ding, ding , ding!!!

  7. mpejovic says:

    Oh, I like that coat rack, that’s a great idea.

  8. Tina Schell says:

    Love the mirror shot Janet – definitely had me going!!

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  10. Interesting shots, Janet, my compliments!

    • Thanks, Marion. Hope your day’s going well. Spring was interrupted here by about 5-6″ of snow but I know it will be back soon. I’m ready!


      • I will keep my fingers crossed that spring will soon be there to stay. The weather in Holland is lovely at the moment, but next week we are expecting (and dreading) wet snow and hail showers. Brrr.