Just for fun. Tea-hee!

Posted: March 20, 2014 in Humor, Just for fun
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  Those of you who know me, know I can be just a little bit wild and crazy and today I’ve got spring fever. After all, it’s the first official day of spring.  I’m trying to keep out of hot water, but these guys are made to get into it.
Anyway, it’s a tea-rrific day for a bit of fun.  Enjoy!

photo 2(30)-001

photo 3(25)

photo 1(30)

  1. My French Heaven says:

    Spring fever gets us all, and these are really really cool!!

    • Although I prefer loose tea or tea in a large bag where it can steep properly, these are so cute that I’m always tempted just to have one literally hanging around somewhere.


  2. now my mom is searching for this tea-frog, hope we will find one, it’s really tea-rrific :o)

    • They’re so cute. If she can’t find one, I could bring one when we come to France this summer. Of course we’d have to meet so I could give it to her. 🙂 Unfortunately, we’ll probably be flying into Basel and then driving to my s-i-l’s in the Dijon area, which isn’t where you are. 😦 Too bad. It would be great to meet.


  3. M. R. says:

    You clazy lady ollight ! [grin]

  4. helenscribe says:

    Weird. Puzzling. Baffling even. But OK, we all have our quirks.

    • Helen, the top and bottom shots are of little creatures you can put tea leaves into to steep and the middle one of is a tea cup, all from the tea shop I love to frequent. I probably should have said what they were. Hope you enjoyed them, though.


  5. Honie Briggs says:

    Fun cu-teas. Happy springtime, Janet.

    • Same to you, Honie. Just to confuse things even more, we’re having some very light, fluffy snow this morning but as it’s eventually supposed to be 47, it won’t last long Typical spring craziness.


  6. Are one of those tea infusers a monkey??? Got to get ourselves one 😉

  7. FUN-tastic, Janet!! T.

  8. The Good News says:

    Happy Spring! Your tea whimsy is adorable!

  9. Cute post! I especially love the little frog guy! I have a floating rubber ducky infuser, but he always falls on his side. It’s quite sad, actually. 🙂

    • 😦 I don’t actually use any of these but I do think they’re amazingly cute.


      • I strongly recommend it :). I feel like loose tea gives you the ability to make it stronger or lighter, based on your preference. Plus it gives you the freedom to mix flavors. Though I got my ducky as a birthday gift, I think they’re only like $6 on ThinkGeek right now. There are also some neat ones on the Stash tea website. I’m not gonna lie, I still get a kick out of watching my ducky float around the cup every morning 😀

      • Adelie, I use loose tea, but I don’t use one of these infusers. I either use the large bags that come in the boxes of 100 and I fill myself or the metal infuser that sits in the tea pot, allowing the leaves to more around. While I think these are cute they restrict the leaves more. Sounds like we’re fellow tea drinkers. 🙂


      • Oh I see there you’re coming from. Smart idea! I’ve used pre-packed tea bags for years, so I’m really new to the whole loose-leaf concept! 🙂 You really know what you’re doing! I raise my cup of morning tea to you! 😀


      • And back at you. Back in the 70’s, I backpacked in Europe for almost a year and when I was in Ireland and England, was introduced to tea, very strong tea! I could only drink it with milk but when I got done with that year, I only drank it straight. More companies are going to the tea bags that at least have a bit of room in them and that’s a big improvement. Tea has come a long way since Lipton was the only bag in town. 🙂

      • My goodness! Thank you for the intriguing history! I can imagine their tea might be strong, but I never knew it could be to the point of drinking with milk! Way to build tolerance! I must admit, I used to drink tea straight, but I’ve found that I can enjoy it longer if I add a packet of stevia. I feel like a whimp!
        Since you’re an expert, have you dabbled with chai tea? I ask because I love the chai tea drinks you get at the coffee shop (mixed with who knows what), but the varieties I’ve tried at home seem to be too spicy for my taste. Any suggestions?! 🙂

      • I’ve had chai, but it’s not “my cup of tea” for the most part. I have some from Teavan that I was given as a gift and I like. You might try looking online for some homemade recipes or this might be the perfect place to try a bit of milk. Sorry I can’t help more with that.

      • That’s alright. I figured I’d ask! Thanks for the suggestions. 🙂

  10. Madhu says:

    Tea-rrific indeed! I want one of those metal monkeys! 🙂

  11. Janet-
    You must have a VERY fun kitchen!! Love the monkey tea infusers… and I suspected they would catch the eye of wisemonkeysabroad ! Glad you left them a link. I’m off to follow it, thanks!

    • Jane, they’re not in my kitchen but in my favorite tea shop, TeaLula (the link.) It’s a place I like to go to not only have wonderful tea, but relax and (Weekly Photo Challenge) reflect. In fact, my Monday post was a reflection in the tea in my cup at TeaLula. 🙂 Thanks for visiting and commenting!


  12. autopict says:

    Great. I love the expression “Spring Fever”, here it is called (translated word by word) “Spring Feelings”. Because of this, this weeks theme was “Spring Fever” (on my blog), it’s better.
    The Frog ist very special. We have a Tea-House in house!
    Funny crazy post.
    Have a great weekend.

    • Have a great weekend yourself. We’re going to go back to chilly weather for awhile, but I know spring is in the air. I think “Spring Fever” is a better interpretation of how we all feel waiting for spring to arrive, don’t you?


  13. frizztext says:

    I like your
    “I’m trying to keep out of hot water,
    but these guys are made to get into it.”

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