Weekly Photo Challenge: Thresholds

Posted: April 4, 2014 in Travel, Weekly Photo Challenge
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There are so many interpretations of  “Thresholds” that a task that first seemed daunting now offers me a plethora of choices.  The thresholds I feature this week are from a wonderful Thanksgiving vacation we spent in Cape May, New Jersey a few years ago.  Cape May is one of the many New Jersey places that give lie to the popular conception that New Jersey is dingy and covered with cement.

If you’d like to see some thresholds in Provence, here’s a post I did not long ago:  https://sustainabilitea.wordpress.com/2014/03/30/sunday-stills-potluck-provencal-doorways/.

Threshold to vacation

Threshold to vacation


Threshold to the ocean

Threshold to the ocean


Threshold to ??

Threshold to ??

  1. MixerUpper says:

    One of my favorite places, Janet! Where was that last shot taken?

    • They’re all from Cape May. This was looking toward the beach from the street where we were walking. It’s very Hobbit-like, isn’t it, and so inviting.


  2. giberson9 says:

    They are all so inviting. Love Cape May!

  3. Sandra says:

    Just beautiful. I see you’re getting to grips with this Picassa editing thing. 🙂

    • I’m enjoying it immensely, Sandra. I have some other apps but I haven’t tried them yet. I generally send everything to my laptop and edit there because my phone is so small. I may try some of the other ones on my iPad, though.


  4. autopict says:

    Beautiful like alway, especially the ocean!
    Nice weekend!

  5. K.Z. says:

    wow these are really gorgeous! really love that last photo..

  6. Leya says:

    Lovely all of them – light and athmosphere as well!

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  8. Janet, I’m so blown away by your eye! I’ve mentioned it before, I know, but you’ve turned your blog into a must-read for me.

    I could see the last photo as a future book cover for my Natural Gifts series.

    • Hmmm, we might be able to work something out for the book cover. 🙂 Thanks for the lovely compliment. I really appreciate it.

      On a completely different subject, although I didn’t do Reiki this time, I had a wonderful massage yesterday! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

      Have a marvelous weekend.

  9. suej says:

    Love that last, Hobbity, image!

  10. All beautiful, I’m taken with the hobbit image too.

  11. FireBonnet says:

    Great group of thresholds! I love the forest path… but then I a woodsy kind of a girl. 😉

  12. Great photos. 😀

    • Thanks very much, Raewyn. When I first saw the challenge, I thought “Good grief. I don’t have anything.” Then I opened my iPad photos and they opened right to some that made me realize I had plenty, too many in fact. Have a great weekend.


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  15. Rene Yoshi says:

    Beautiful, inviting images! Although beach images are always inviting because I love the ocean, your images, especially the first one with the partially open gate, pull at my heart. Wonderful!

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  18. Bob R says:

    That’s a very nice walk to the ocean.

  19. Cris says:

    Nice interpretation of the Threshold theme! Love the tree tunnel.

    As for me, I was out looking for photographs reflecting the Halloween theme last October and came across this interesting Threshold. You’re welcome to come and see what my take on this week’s theme is:

    • Ahhh, I already visited and enjoyed your shot. I may have to work up a story for it. We’ll see.


      • Cris says:

        Yes, I remember your visiting now, but didn’t recognize you as you on your pingback. I appreciate your visit and comments. I often don’t recognize people by their pingbacks because they rarely have anything to do with their avatars, which I do recognize. Sorry for the confusion.

        That’s a great photo on your avatar, by the way. 🙂

      • No worries, Cris. You can’t remember everyone and I didn’t leave a pingback, but a comment. Glad you like the photo of me and my favorite horse.

      • Cris says:

        Your pingback was at the actual Photo Challenge page.

        I like to spend 2 or 3 hours every Friday or Saturday and visit 40 or 50 sites (from their pingbacks on the Photo Challenge page) and see how other people interpret the various themes. It’s usually an eye-opener.

  20. menomama3 says:

    The tunneled pathway looks magical. Like if you walked through it you might come out somewhere other than Cape May – maybe Middle Earth or Narnia.

  21. Janet, these photos are gorgeous. I haven’t been to Cape May since I graduated from college…and believe me, that was a loooong time ago. 🙂 Thanks for the memories.

    • My pleasure. I’m interested to see how many people in the comments say they’ve been to Cape May. As for college, that was a long time ago for me, too. 🙂


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  23. Great pics Janet – the beach and trail one look so inviting – I’m imagining myself there! Have a nice weekend 🙂

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  26. Cape May was my favorite beach a long, long time ago when we lived near Philadelphia!! Now it would probably be the ONLY beach I would visit on an East Coast trip!!

    Lovely, It’s great to see Cape May is still a gem… oh, I recall Cape May Point was also a good place to find “natural” beach spaces.

    Can you still find Cape May diamonds?

    • I don’t know about that. But because of the season, there weren’t many people there so even though it was rather chilly, I enjoyed it very much. Always nice to have the beach to oneself. 🙂


  27. M-R says:

    Looks like a wonderful swimming beach !!!

    • I don’t know about that, M.R., as it was pretty chilly when we were there. Heretical as it may seem, I don’t care much about swimming. I like the beach and to walk in the water, but swimming not so much. There was a nature preserve right next to the beach which is frequented by bird watchers and is also lovely.


      • M-R says:

        I suppose it reminded me a bit of some of the beaches where I grew up, in Perth .,, I swam all the time, at home; since leave it I doubt I’ve swum once.

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  29. Y. Prior says:

    I love ally he shapes in the first photo – and just the whole feel of that shot was great – and loved the other pics too – especially the mystery feeling of the the third….

  30. thirdeyemom says:

    Beautiful photos and entry Janet!

  31. brainsnorts says:

    the last one, where it was a little blurry about the edges, was that an after effect, or was that something you adjusted when you first took the picture? either way, that’s my favorite.

    • That’s an effect in Picasa that I used when editing, Rich. Glad you like it.

      • brainsnorts says:

        glad you snapped it. what kind of camera do you use? i noticed really good digital cameras at very low prices recently. i guess that’s because of how most people are using their cell phone cameras instead?

      • In the last two years and before I got my iPhone in December, I used my iPad. That’s what I took this with. I have a very nice Nikon with two lenses and haven’t even taken the time yet to figure out what all the dodads are for. 🙂 My pre-digital SLR was so easy but they’re much more complicated right now. Bill decided on iPhones so I could have the camera and I use that most of the time now. The Samsung Galaxy is supposed to have an outstanding camera, too.

  32. draliman says:

    That bottom one looks magical. Off to the land of Faerie, I think 🙂

  33. renobarb says:

    Beautiful images! They brought back wonderful memories of Cape May-we were married there 21 years ago and held our reception in the Peter Shields Inn overlooking the ocean. I do miss the Atlantic coast.

  34. Tina Schell says:

    Lovely shots Janet – too bad Jersey has such a bad name, there are some really beautiful spots there. I was in Cape May last weekend and while the weather was awful the scenery was beautiful as always!

    • Tina, as I mentioned, it’s not called the Garden State for nothing. One of the best photography days I had was a foggy day, so I understand you saying that the scenery is beautiful no matter what. And we saw some spectacular sunsets as well.


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