Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

Posted: April 11, 2014 in Weekly Photo Challenge
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A natural monument found in eastern Wyoming is Devil’s Tower.  Legend has it that one or more Indian girls were pursued by a giant bear (or bears) and prayed to the Great Spirit for deliverance.  The Great Spirit made the rock rise up and as the bears tried to reach them, their claw marks made the deep gouges on the side of the tower.

Today’s women and men are more like to be climbing up one of the claw marks!

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  1. Interesting lore and the photo is great, too.

  2. K.Z. says:

    beautiful monument made by nature!

  3. Emilio Pasquale says:

    I’ve been to Wyoming but never quite made it here. Have to see it in person one day. But climbing up it? I’ll take the stairs, thanks!

  4. Mara Eastern says:

    Wow! This is truly monumental! And the little story that goes with it is nice too.

  5. Follygirl says:

    What a great story and i like the pic!!

    • Thanks and thank for visiting again this week. I like the new WP set-up but will like it more once the pingbacks are working. I’d really like it if the links would change color once they’ve been clicked on. Otherwise it’s difficult to impossible to remember where I was when I return!


  6. Jaap Kroon says:

    Lovely picture of a beautiful natural monument!

  7. Sandra says:

    Great story and stunning photo. Well done.

  8. cd1972 says:

    Wow, never saw that before!

  9. y. prior says:

    awesome up shot of this monument = and love the fun story. 🙂

    • I can see how the story came about, can’t you? It’s a great place and nearby is also a large prairie dog village.


      • y. prior says:

        yes – and that was something extra nice about this post – in a matter of very few sentences we could feel it…. – “bears tried to reach them, their claw marks…”

  10. Devil’s Tower! Perfect. I watched “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” 2 times last week. 🙂

    • 🙂 My husband’s been watching “X-Files” episodes. Very weird.


      • Haha. I’m not sure if you have seen Close Encounters, so my comment about watching it 2 times might have seemed really weird. But, a giant UFO lands on Devil’s Tower and has programmed unsuspecting people to draw pictures of Devil’s Tower on their walls and in their mashed potatoes, so they are obsessed with Devil’s Tower. One man, Richard Dryfus, scaled Devil’s Tower and was chosen to go with the cute little ant-like aliens. That’s why I mentioned the movie.

      • I did see it, but long ago. I knew what you were referring to, though. Just the sci-fi idea made me think “X-Files”. They probably have something at Devil’s Tower.

  11. autopict says:

    Great. I think the natural monuments are the best ones. Devil’s Tower is a real monument!
    Have great weekend.

  12. Madhu says:

    Neat shot! I am a sucker for fairy tales 🙂

  13. What a magnificent monument!

  14. A brilliant photo and story. 😀

  15. Great story. It’s interesting how people tried to explain things.
    If I’m ever there, I’ll stay on the ground and take photos. No climbing for me!

  16. Leya says:

    This I would have liked to see! Enigmatic, and a fascinationg story going with it.

  17. elleturner4 says:

    That looks amazing! 🙂

  18. jaime perez says:

    Beautiful legend and great shot Janet. Brilliant choise for the angle to increse the magnificence of the monument, besides the strength those vertical lines of the trees give to the image. Congrats!

  19. Wow, this is monumental indeed. Great to put the trees in, to make it even more bigger and awesome! Is this the one of close encounters of the third kind?

  20. colonialist says:

    That is beyond spectacular! Must really be a devil to climb.

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  22. Bob R says:

    I know have the perfect soundtrack for this bouncing around my head. 🙂 Nice shot.

  23. Love that you’ve popped in the story behind this incredible natural formation. Thanks for sharing this one 🙂

  24. thirdeyemom says:

    Love this Janet! I went to Jackson Hole when I was a kid but haven’t been to Wyoming ever since and know I’d love it there. I’m a mountain lover, skier and hiker. Sounds like a perfect place!

    • We love Wyoming. The Jackson Hole area is beautiful but expensive and very upper-end. Devil’s Tower is the tallest thing in its area, but there are plenty mountains in other parts of the state. And of course, Yellowstone is the one and only. Lots of mountains and hiking (and skiing in the right places.)


  25. A place I would like to see! I’ve driven through Wyoming but missed this area.

  26. M-R says:

    Recognized it INSTANTLY ! – never mind any of that other stuff … it’s
    C E 3 K !!!!
    and how I LOVED it ! I watch it every so often, and never fail to be thrilled …
    Thanks for such a terrific image, beautiful Janet !!

  27. Such a lovely legend, Janet! This Devil’s Tower is very impressive.

  28. Wow… great shot… very nice perspective of this intimidating natural monument 🙂

  29. ms. diplomacy says:

    Topic perfectly matched. Great photo Janet

  30. Rene Yoshi says:

    Wow! Including the trees gives perspective to its massiveness. I love the legend, but it looks like it was formed inside the neck of a volcano or something. Beautiful!

  31. That’s a huge and amazing ‘natural’ monument, Janet. Spectacular shot!